Ladies! 10 Beauty Trends That Need To Go in 2015


2015 is already proving to be a year of beauty – with new techniques, trends and more popping up daily we just know this year is going to be even bigger than the  last. Speaking of 2014, we got to see so many trends that definitely made the rounds; some we loved and others we just wanted dead and buried, like right now.

So in honour of turning a new leaf and making all things new for the new year, BN Beauty is shining a light on 10 beauty trends we don’t want in 2015.

1. Chunky Individual Lashes
You might be wondering why this is first one this list, but we are so over it. Chunky individual lashes started when ladies needed to get their lashes done but were unaware of the other types out there like stripped lashes. But we are glad to tell you that you don’t have to go through the agony of overbearing individual lashes anymore.

All you need is a strip lash or a few individual lashes to give your lashes a fuller look. So ladies the next time someone whips out 2 packets of lashes and that evil black hair glue and tells you to hold still, scream ‘Err, heck no! Bye Felicia!’

2. Church Fan Lashes

BN Beauty Trends - BellaNaija - December 2014003Speaking of chunky lashes, we have to talk about lashes that are dramatically too long. Jackie Aina of MakeupGameOnPoint has dubbed them ‘Church Fan Lashes’. If your lashes touch your eyebrows when you blink, then we are probably talking to you. They are too big, to obvious and just too much.

Eyelashes are meant to have a seamless flow with your real lashes, giving it a realistic but fuller look. So if you notice that people twitch and move back whenever you blink, you might want to check the lashes you have on, and probably throw them away.

3. Thick Inverted Nike Eyebrows

BN Beauty Trends - BellaNaija - December 2014002Ladies, please take a seat. Comfy? Okay. Can we please leave this trend in 2014? Your eyebrows are meant to frame your face in the best way possible; and the reason for eyebrow pencils and fillers is to give brows a better appearance if you don’t have that already. Your brows are meant to look soft, neat and above all, natural. I know people usually say go big or go home, but this doesn’t apply here. Drawing thick boomerangs is not ‘fleek’ or ‘beat’ or ‘turnt’. It just takes the attention off everything else, and looks unflattering.

If you are going for the Cara Delevingne look, you can try growing your brows. If they don’t grow, do not try using a pencil or filler to get the full look. It will just come out looking a hot mess. Your mantra should be ‘slim and fine is divine’ – this way you get great looking eyebrows without the shock factor.

4. Concealer Brows
I have a friend who uses a business card as a guide to conceal her brows so she doesn’t make mistakes, so you know the kind of eyebrows I am referring to. Do not be like my friend. When using a concealer, it is important to note a few things.

a. The concealer is your friend. Use it sparingly and gently.
b. If your concealer isn’t blended out properly, it will show. If not in the mirror then when you take photos with a flash.
c. Use a concealer that is your shade. I know some people like to use concealers 1 or 2 shades lighter, but it should not be more than that.

Speaking of using the right shade of anything; ladies if your foundation or powder is not your shade let it go. It will not adjust, it will not change colour or tone so it is best you get something better suited to your complexion.

5. Excessive Contouring & Highlighting
This is a continuation of point 4. I love highlighting and contouring, I think it is one of the best features of makeup. But if your friends ask ‘who is that’ when looking at your selfie, there’s a problem.

The art of contouring and highlighting is meant to enhance your face and make it look a little more defined, not be a temporary alternative for plastic surgery. Ben Nye powder isn’t for everyone, sometimes a nice highlighter might work better for you.

6. Outrageous Makeup Transformations

BN Beauty Trends - BellaNaija - December 2014I cannot count how many times I’ve had to do the ‘double back scroll’ on Instagram to take a second look at a before & after photo. Sometimes it is just too much. Take it down a notch. Makeup is meant to enhance your features not change them. If you have a wide nose, chubby cheeks and small lips, then that is what you have. Don’t be Lara this moment and then turn to Shakira when you’re done making up.

Use the colours, brushes, powders etc to enhance your pretty face and leave the excessive transformations to the drag queens.

7. Overdrawn Lips

Kylie-Jenner-Tyga-Thanksgiving-November-2014-BellaNaija001We get it, full lips can be sexy. But not everyone can be Kylie Jenner, Beyonce or any other woman who uses a lipstick to get a fuller lip. If you want your lips to appear fuller, and overdrawn lipsticks don’t seem to be working, you can try using brighter lipsticks. That will give your lips an instant pop and make them appear fuller or bigger than they actually are.

8. Over filtered Instagram Beauty Photos
We’ve all seen them. Those Instagram and Twitter images that are just too clean, even and toned to be true; and chances are they’re not. I love filters, they give photos an extra edge and make them look good; but not when it’s being over used.

We especially think this trend should stop…if you’re a makeup artist. It is different when you have done a great job and are showing off your work but when you do an okay job and use filters to complete the task, it’s not a true testimony to your skills. Take it easy on the filters for a more realistic and achievable look.

9. Bad Closures
We have all at one point or the other fallen victim to a bad closure. Be it from a lace wig, side-part wig, regular sew-in, clip in or just a bad hair stylist. If you are going to ride in the #TeamWeave bus, you have to get your game right.

Get a good closure for your hair, use a great hair stylist and take your face shape into consideration before picking a closure. This way you come out looking good.

10. Bad Before & After Photos

BN Beauty Trends - BellaNaija - December 2014001Hi Makeup Artists! We love the work you do but we have to call you out on this one.

You know those before and after photos you take to show the amazing transformation from ‘Normal’ to ‘Beat’? How about not posting the really bad ones. A friend of mine recently had to part ways with a friend who is a makeup artist because of this same problem.

Apart from seeking permission, perhaps it would be great to also get the client to pick which photos they would like to be used so the transaction doesn’t go sour because of it.

These are just 10 trends, and we are sure you have some trends you would love to see end. Watch one of our favourite makeup artists Jackie Aina a.k.aLilPumpkinPie05 of MakeupGameOnPoint give her 2 cents on beauty trends to leave behind in 2014.

Source: Bella Naija


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