Nollywood, the vibrant Nigerian film industry, has produced a multitude of talented actors, and one name that stands out is Kunle Remi. With his captivating performances and charming personality, Remi has become a noteworthy figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Kunle’s influence extends beyond Nollywood. He’s a fashion icon, a social media darling, and an entrepreneur with his own production company. Let’s dive into the early life and achievements of this talented Nigerian actor with this article from Naijassador.

Early Life

Oyekunle Oluwaremi Opeyemi popularly known as Kunle Remi, was born on October 18, 1988, in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria. He is the son of Engineer Joseph Ibukun Oluwaremi and Mrs. S. Oluwaremi. Originally from Ekiti State, his family of six relocated to Ibadan, where he grew up and attended school.


Kunle Remi completed his early education in Ibadan, earning certificates in First School Leaving and West African School. Although he started studying Fisheries and Wildlife Management at the University of Ibadan, his passion for acting led him to leave his studies. Despite being accepted at Sheffield University in the UK for Tourism and Hospitality Management, he chose a career in acting instead. Remi’s journey into acting was a gradual one, fueled by a passion for storytelling and a desire to bring characters to life on the big screen.


Kunle Remi made his foray into the world of acting with roles in television series and soap operas. His early performances showcased his versatility, and it wasn’t long before he caught the attention of both fans and industry insiders. Remi’s dedication and commitment to his craft quickly set him apart as a rising star in Nollywood. After winning Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010, Kunle Remi started acting professionally in 2011. His first big role was in the movie “Heavy Beauty,” produced by Grace Edwin Okon and Stanlee Ohikhuare. As his career progressed, he appeared in different films and TV shows like “Lagos Cougars Reloaded,” “The Getaway,” and Africa Magic’s “Forbidden.” He also worked on various Africa Magic Original Films.

While studying at the New York Film Academy, Remi worked as a TV personality on the online show Celebville 360. He even performed live at the Academy Awards nomination event in Beverly Hills, California. In 2021, he became the co-host (taskmaster) for Gulder Ultimate Search. Starting his modeling career with ISIS Models, Remi has featured in ads for brands like Airtel, MTN Nigeria, DSTV, and Diamond Bank. His journey showcases not just his acting talents but also his ventures into hosting, modeling, and live performances, making him a versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

While Kunle Remi is primarily known for his acting, he has also ventured into other aspects of the entertainment industry. The multi-talented artist has dabbled in modeling and has a keen interest in photography. His diverse skill set and passion for creativity highlight his commitment to contributing to the dynamic landscape of Nigerian entertainment.


Remi’s breakthrough came with notable roles in popular Nigerian movies and TV shows. His ability to embody diverse characters endeared him to audiences across the country. From romantic dramas to action-packed thrillers, Kunle Remi demonstrated his acting prowess, earning acclaim for his memorable performances.

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One of Remi’s standout projects includes his role in the critically acclaimed movie “Falling.” The film, which explores themes of love and mental health, showcased Remi’s ability to tackle complex and emotionally charged roles. Additionally, his contributions to popular television series like “Tinsel” further solidified his status as a sought-after actor. Let’s explore Kunle Remi’s acting prowess with this list put together by Naijassador.

Falling (2015)

Falling is a romantic drama film that explores the complexities of love and relationships. Kunle Remi’s performance in this movie garnered positive reviews, showcasing his ability to portray emotional and nuanced characters. This drama also catapulted Remi to stardom. He portrays a husband left in a coma after a tragic accident, delivering a nuanced and heart-wrenching performance that earned him widespread acclaim and the 2016 Golden Jury Award for Best Actor in Drama at the AMVCA awards.

Boys Will Be Boys (2019)

Remi dives into the complexities of male friendships in this romantic comedy, playing a man whose bachelor party backfires hilariously.

Gold Statue (2019)

In this historical drama, Remi takes on the lead role of a young Nigerian corper, who partners with his friend from a traditional rich background to steal a gold statue. As always, Remi embodied his character giving only the best play for his fans.

Something Like Gold (2023)

Remi portrays a charming prince caught in a love triangle in this romantic drama with a supernatural twist, reminding us of his ability to captivate audiences in lighter roles.

Tinsel (TV Series)

While not a movie, “Tinsel” is a popular Nigerian television series in which Kunle Remi had a significant role. The series is known for its drama and intricate storytelling, providing Remi with a platform to showcase his acting skills to a broad audience.

Alter Ego (2017)

Kunle Remi appeared in the psychological thriller “Alter Ego,” which stars Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in the lead role. The film delves into the legal and psychological aspects of a sexual assault case.

Aníkúlápó (2022)

In the Netflix epic, Aníkúlápó, Kunle Remi steps into the skin of Saro, a humble and talented traditional textile weaver. Saro’s life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters Akala, the magical bird that grants immortality. But immortality comes at a cost, and Saro soon finds himself grappling with the consequences of his choices.

Remi’s portrayal of Saro is multifaceted and layered. He captures the character’s initial innocence and naivety, then skillfully navigates his descent into ambition and recklessness. Saro’s journey is one of transformation, from a man content with his simple life to one driven by greed and fueled by the intoxicating power of immortality.

Ijakumo (2022)

In “Ijakumo: The Born-Again Stripper,” Kunle Remi embodies Pastor Jide, a flamboyant and charismatic religious leader living a double life. On the surface, he’s a beacon of hope for his congregation, leading a mega-church with passionate sermons and dazzling stage presence. Beneath the pious facade, however, lies a web of deceit and hypocrisy.

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With his impressive filmography, award-winning performances, and diverse interests, Kunle Remi is poised for even greater heights in Nollywood and beyond. His ability to balance charm with depth, humor with drama, and big-screen presence with off-screen initiatives promises a future filled with captivating characters and compelling stories.

Brand endorsement and deals

Kunle Remi, the name synonymous with charismatic roles and undeniable screen presence in Nollywood, isn’t just a heartthrob on screen. He’s also a brand magnet, weaving a strategic network of endorsements and deals that solidify his reign as a multifaceted figure in Nigeria’s entertainment scene. Let’s explore Kunle Remi’s brand collaborations and what makes him a sought-after ambassador:

Sniper Nigeria

Kunle embodies the brand’s promise of protection and family safety, becoming the lead ambassador for their insecticide range. This partnership leverages his family-oriented image and resonates with Nigerian audiences.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

Capitalizing on his financial awareness and entrepreneurial spirit, Kunle participates in GTBank’s initiatives like “HABIB Awards,” promoting youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Moët & Chandon

This collaboration taps into Kunle’s luxurious and sophisticated image, making him the perfect brand ambassador for the champagne brand’s celebrations and special occasions.

TV hosting

Kunle Remi, known for his acting prowess, has also made a mark in the world of TV hosting. Back in his early days, while studying at the New York Film Academy, Remi took on the role of a host for Celebville 360, an internet TV channel. His journey into hosting took a notable turn in 2013 when he made his first live appearance reporting at the prestigious Academy Awards nomination event in Beverly Hills, California.

Although he took a break from hosting, Remi made a remarkable return in 2021. This time, he went back to where it all began, becoming a taskmaster for Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 alongside fellow host Toke Makinwa. This marked a resurgence in his hosting career, showcasing his versatility on the screen.

In the following year, 2022, Kunle Remi embraced various hosting opportunities. He took on the role of the green carpet host for the ‘2022 Glo Dance Battle of the Year’ alongside Moet Abebe. Additionally, he played a significant judging role in Dance Naija Dance by Zee World. The show, spanning ten weeks with episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday, featured 16 top finalists from across the country.

Later in 2022, Remi anchored the Woman in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) Africa event, standing alongside 51 inspiring speakers. The event included a keynote speech by renowned author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. On November 23, Remi moderated the Sterling Leadership Series: Born in Blackness, where journalist and author Howard French were interviewed.

The Culturati event, Nigeria’s largest art and cultural gathering, also had the privilege of being hosted by Kunle Remi on November 27, 2022. In collaboration with the Creative Youth Community Development Initiative (CYCDI) – Solution17, the event focused on creating the “Lagos Green Economy in Arts and Culture.”

Closing the year on a high note, on December 21, 2022, Remi returned to the creative side by hosting the Fuze Talent Hunt. Produced by Stanbic IBTC Holdings Pension Managers Limited, this talent hunt aimed to discover indigenous talents and provide them with a platform to explore their creativity and business skills.

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Kunle Remi’s journey into TV hosting reflects not only his acting prowess but also his ability to engage and captivate audiences in a variety of roles on the small screen. As he continues to diversify his career, fans can expect more from this multi-talented individual in the years to come.

Awards and nominations

As a versatile actor, it is not surprising that Kunle Remi has earned some awards for his works in the movie industry. As compiled by Naijassador, here are some of the awards by Kunle Remi:

  • 2019 Best of Nollywood Awards      Best Supporting Actor – English         Nominated
  • 2020 Best Kiss in a movie    Won
  • 2022 Yoruba Movie Gist Awards     Best Cinema Actor      Won
  • 2023 Cine Paris Film Festival           Best Actor in a Feature Film   Won
  • 2023 Nigeria Achievers Awards 2023         Nollywood Best Lead Actor     Won
  • 2023 AFRICON 2023            African Excellence for outstanding achievement in the field of Media & Entertainment Won
  • 2023 Scream All Youth Award 2023            Best Actor in a Lead Role – Anikulapo            Won
  • 2023 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) 2023 Best Actor – Flaws       Won
  • 2023 African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023      Globe Award Honoree – Anikulapo     Won

Personal Life

On January 1, 2024, Remi married his girlfriend Tiwi in a lavish ceremony that had fans swooning. They met a few years prior and their relationship blossomed into a happy union. Remi often expresses his love and admiration for Tiwi in interviews and social media posts, praising her support and vibrant personality. The couple also had their traditional marriage and white wedding in January 2024 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and it was well attended by top celebrities in the industry.

Beyond acting, Remi is an avid sportsman and enjoys playing basketball and football. He’s also a passionate advocate for social causes, particularly youth empowerment and education. He runs a foundation and frequently participates in charity events, using his platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

In December 2022, Remi opened up about his struggles with depression, highlighting the emotional toll of his journey as an actor. He spoke candidly about feeling overwhelmed and questioning his choices, but ultimately found strength in self-belief and his loved ones’ support. This vulnerability resonated with fans and showcased his genuine nature.

In the bustling world of Nollywood, Kunle Remi stands as a testament to the talent and charisma that defines Nigerian actors. His journey from the streets of Lagos to the big screen is an inspiring story of passion, hard work, and dedication. As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, Kunle Remi undoubtedly remains a notable figure in the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian cinema.

Things you should know about Kunle Remi, a Nigerian actor.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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