Afrobeat heavyweight Kizz Daniel has ignited the music scene with the release of his latest single, “Twe Twe (Remix),” featuring none other than Nigerian superstar Davido. The original track, already a massive hit, is set to soar to even greater heights with this dynamic collaboration.

Kizz Daniel, known for his smooth vocals and infectious melodies, and Davido, the king of catchy hooks and energetic performances, are a dream team for any collaboration. Their distinct styles, seamlessly blended in “Twe Twe (Remix),” create a vibrant soundscape that keeps listeners moving.

While staying true to the essence of the original “Twe Twe,” the remix adds a new layer of energy and excitement. Davido’s signature verse injects a dose of playful confidence, while the reworked harmonies elevate the catchy chorus to new heights.

Since its release, “Twe Twe (Remix)” has generated massive buzz on social media, with fans praising the collaboration and predicting it to be another chart-topping banger. The music video, expected to be released soon, is already highly anticipated, promising to further amplify the song’s impact.

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The “Twe Twe (Remix)” is more than just a catchy song; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration in Afrobeat music. It demonstrates the willingness of top artists to support each other and push the boundaries of the genre, ultimately benefiting the entire industry and captivating audiences worldwide.

Who is Kizz Daniel?

Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, better known as Kizz Daniel, has established himself as one of the leading voices in Afrobeats, captivating audiences with his smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and energetic stage presence. His journey, from his early days as a struggling artist to becoming a global phenomenon, is an inspiring tale of talent, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Early Life and Breakthrough

Born in Abeokuta, Nigeria, in 1994, Kizz Daniel’s passion for music blossomed early. He honed his skills in church choirs and local competitions, later graduating with a degree in Water Resources Management and agronometeorology. Despite his academic pursuits, music remained his true calling.

In 2013, he signed with G-Worldwide Entertainment and released his debut single, “Woju,” which became an instant hit. The success propelled him to national recognition, solidifying his signature sound – a blend of Afrobeats, pop, and R&B.

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However, Kizz Daniel’s journey wasn’t without its hurdles. In 2017, a contract dispute led to his departure from G-Worldwide and the establishment of his own label, Fly Boy Inc. This bold move showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to remain in control of his artistry.

Under Fly Boy Inc., Kizz Daniel released a string of hit songs, including “Mama,” “Pak n Go,” and “Fvck You,” further solidifying his position as a top Afrobeats act. He also ventured into acting, showcasing his versatility and captivating audiences on screen.

Global Recognition and Pushing Boundaries

Kizz Daniel’s music has transcended borders, garnering him a loyal fan base across Africa, Europe, and the Americas. According to Naijassador, he has collaborated with international artists like Major Lazer, and DJ Maphorisa, expanding his reach and pushing the boundaries of Afrobeats.

Beyond music, Kizz Daniel is a successful businessman, running his record label and investing in various ventures. He also uses his platform to advocate for social change, speaking out against issues like police brutality and corruption.

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With his captivating music, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to social impact, Kizz Daniel’s future appears exceptionally bright. As he continues to experiment with new sounds, collaborate with international talents, and advocate for positive change, there’s no doubt he will continue to be a leading force in Afrobeats and beyond.


With “Twe Twe (Remix),” Kizz Daniel and Davido have delivered a surefire hit that is set to dominate playlists and dance floors. As the hype around the song continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how far it climbs the charts and whether it surpasses the success of the original. One thing is certain: this collaboration has sparked excitement in the Afrobeat scene, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what these two superstars will do next.


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