Kano Rep Member Called Out For “Sharing ₦200 To Children For Empowerment” In Kano (Video)


House of Reps Member Ibrahim Sharada representing Kano Municipal has been called out for Sharing money to children in his constituency

A house of representatives member sharing 200 naira to kids is not okay neither is it a form of “empowerment”.

Oh his facebook page, he posted this

Young Boys Batch (Yara Maza) 2

Let me Begin by Welcoming you to Another Week of Blessing:

This is Weekly Render of Assistance to those in need by Hon. Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada, Member Representing Kano Munincpal Federal Constituency. The exercise is mostly done in the weekends or when the need arises. Sharada intends to help, in every way he can, the people of his Constituency and those Beyond.

O Allah! Bless Hon. Sharada in Every way. Shoot up his love for your Beloved Prophet Muhammad [SAW]. Ameen… 08/11/2020

See the video below:


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