Jewellery Adds Beauty, sophistication & Fulfillment to Fashion – Abuja Women



A cross-section of jewellery lovers in the FCT on Monday, ascribed the adornment of jewelleries by most women as a mark of making a powerful statement about their dress sense.

Some of those interviewed by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) were of the opinion that some women are obsessed and inseparable from their jewelleries.

Hajiya Rukayat Aminu, a customer at “Success Fashion Accessories”, Utako market, told NAN that she usually purchased jewellery at least once in a week irrespective of the quality.

Aminu, who described herself as a jewellery addict, stressed that at any given time she always had a piece of ornament on her person.

“I make sure for every cloth I wear, there must be a matching piece of jewellery to go with it in order for me to come out flashy,” she said.

In the same vein, Olivia Opara, a banker, said that women wear jewelleries because it enhanced their profile.

Opara added that while some women were addictive to jewellery, some frowned at it because of their religious disposition.

“In spite of that most women love to have jewelries, ” she said.

Meanwhile, Yinka Adeyemi, a Deacon at Foundation Rock Church, Nyanya, said that while jewellery made women to look attractive and beautiful, it should not be made the most important thing in their lives.

Speaking from a religious perspective, she said some doctrines kicked against it but what mattered most was one’s relationship with God.

“We should not worship it, that is not worshiping it the way some people do.

“Well, as a nurse and a midwife too whenever a baby girl is born, her ears are pierced with an earing to identify the baby as a girl,” she said.

Malam Yusuf, a dealer on jewellery and beads at Wuse market, Zone 6, said jewelries were the most significant fashion accessories for women.

Yusuf explained that jewellery were the most significant symbol used to differentiate a woman from a man.

According to him, he has been dealing in jewellery for over 20 years and has no regrets because it has yielded a fortune for him and his family.

NAN reports that jewellery are ornaments usually worn by women and they come in different forms, colours, sizes and price tags.

Jewellery can be in the form of gold, diamond, silver, pearl, sapphire, onyx and rubies.


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