International Conference Center, Abuja


When it comes to hosting international visitors, Nigeria has its way of charming them with its unique places, climate, and culture. Abuja, being the capital of Nigeria, has all it takes to accommodate international visitors.

The International Conference Center (ICC) is a symbol of the country’s dedication to international relations, cultural understanding, and economic growth. This wonder of architecture, located in the nation’s capital, has come to represent Nigeria’s rising star on the international stage. When it comes to holding gatherings, conventions, workshops, trade shows, events, and seminars in Abuja, the ICC is without a doubt the best option.

The conference center welcomes thousands of visitors, organizers, and exhibitors who come to make use of the versatile and practical rooms that have been specifically designed for them.

Construction of the Abuja International Conference Center began in 1980. The then-President Ibrahim Babaginda, who oversaw the revision of the Nigerian constitution, had its headquarters there. The ICC is a work of art that fuses contemporary Nigerian style with classic features. The varied facilities and high degree of service create an ambiance that is both calm and pleasant. Glass and concrete work in perfect harmony to form the building’s striking facade, which is both modern and intimidating.

Nigerian cultural motifs, which honor the nation’s distinctive heritage, influence the conference center’s design. A stately entrance greets guests as they approach the ICC, hinting at the sophistication that lies beyond. Similarly remarkable is the International Conference Center’s interior.

The large rooms exude an aura of cultural wealth thanks to the handcrafted artwork and artifacts displayed throughout. The main auditorium is perfect for international summits, conferences, and other large-scale events thanks to its modern facilities that can hold thousands of guests. The ICC maintains its position as a world leader in conferencing by furnishing its conference rooms and lounges with state-of-the-art technology. Integrated with the natural beauty of its surroundings, the International Conference Center stands out for more than just its architectural brilliance.

The ICC will be set against the gorgeous backdrop of Abuja, renowned for its orderly and strategically placed buildings. The conference center’s well-maintained gardens and green spaces offer a tranquil setting for attendees to unwind in between sessions. The peaceful parks and plazas around the ICC provide delegates with a much-needed escape from the city. Exploring the economic dynamics within the context of the International Conference Center is essential, despite the building’s opulence and sophistication. The ICC offers a wide selection of event packages to suit a variety of budgets, from planning to attending. The ICC’s pricing structure is commensurate with the first-rate amenities and services it provides to event planners.

The venue’s size, the length of the event, and the amount of technical support needed are some of the variables that affect the rental fees for conference halls. International organizations and local firms alike might find affordable options among the customizable packages offered by the ICC management. When it comes to the cost of attendance, the ICC is conveniently located near several different types of hotels, so different budgets may be met. Abuja has a range of lodging options for delegates, from high-end hotels to more budget-friendly options.

There is a wide variety of restaurants in the city, from upscale establishments in the ICC to mom-and-pop shops selling traditional Nigerian food. Nigerian cuisine is known for its rich flavors, and visitors may enjoy them without going into debt. There are a variety of amenities and services available at different pricing points, thanks to the ICC’s strategic location in Abuja. No matter their budget, attendees will have no trouble navigating the city thanks to the abundance of accessible transportation, retail, and entertainment options.

International Conference Center Halls

The halls of the International Conference Centre, Abuja, are open to everyone from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Entering the foyer through the hefty metal and glass doors, you are enticed to climb the well-laid staircases on each side. The foyer has a very high ceiling and marble floor. After passing through the enormous double doors that are directly in front of you, there are so many halls. The International Conference Center is like a maze, with all these entrances and stairs leading to different floors and halls.

The halls are nicely decorated, and the interior of this architectural marvel might serve countless purposes; for example, it could host a concert, or a church gathering, serve as an indoor exposition hall, a seminar hall, and lots more. Among its several halls, the chic cosmopolitan conference center is strategically located, has enough room, and provides a wide variety of modern amenities.

The African Hall is well-known for having hosted events attended by numerous heads of state. Niger and Benue halls, which are equipped with a presentation screen, projector, and a highly sensitive microphone for each participant. There is plush carpeting throughout, and the seats are cozy as well. Each hall can accommodate approximately 80 people in a committee configuration and around 150 people in a conference configuration.


The International Conference Centre is located at number 11, Central Area, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, 900001, in the heart of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. It is a prime location for holding conferences and other events in Abuja, Nigeria. Not only is this a great spot for everyone to gather, but it also has a breathtaking perspective of the city skyline.

Constructed in the 1980s to supplant Lagos as the nation’s capital, the city’s sleek architecture and cutting-edge facilities make it a prime venue for major global gatherings. The ICC is located in a beautiful and peaceful area, surrounded by verdant vegetation and thoughtfully designed urban areas, making it an ideal venue for conferences and summits. You can contact the International Conference Center through their website for booking.


When it comes to Nigeria’s efforts to engage with the world, the International Conference Center in Abuja is a shining example of excellence. It is a highly desirable place for international events due to its strategic position, architectural grandeur, and integration with Abuja’s natural beauty.

The ICC’s pricing structure is designed to be accessible to groups with varying financial capacities, enabling them to take part in the cultural and economic interchange that takes place there. Hosting so many events there reflects Nigeria’s commitment to international relations, economic growth, and preserving the country’s cultural legacy.

Written by Pamella Tori


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