This article by Naijassador is written with the sole aim of helping you to be cautious about the future; the future is only bright to those who envisioned it to be so. A bright future will not just happen to you accidentally; work and efforts need to be put in place to have a glaring future.

Giving a specific number of years: In twenty years… A lot can happen within this period you know, there could be a change of mindset, lifestyle, attitude, behavior, manner and way of living, character amongst many others. In all and all just be informed that change is constant and it occurs with every living thing. Go on and have a good read…

You need to read this:

Don’t be too scared or too curious about what will happen two decades from now. Majorly whatever will happen to you personally is a result of your decisions today.

Don’t think those ‘ yes ‘ or ‘ no ‘ choices of yours don’t matter. They matter with all urgency!

” In twenty years… ” is a breakage from the question I usually ask my friends. If I’ve not asked you as my friend, I sure will. But if you’re reading this, then by default you’re my friend and I’m asking you now:

Where do you see yourself in twenty years from now? Will you be fulfilling your dreams or will you be wallowing in regrets and anguish forever coming into existence?

It’s so unfortunate that in twenty years, some will be six feet below the soil.

Some will be in jail.

Some will be mentally and physically impaired due to careless living.

Some will become barren due to a series of abortions and the use of contraceptives.

Some will be begging on the streets.

Some will be irresistibly addicted to hard drugs which will cost them their lives.

While all these are going on, there are still some who in twenty years will be in their own comfortable houses and mansions.

Some will attain the peak of their career.

Some will become highly respectable individuals in the society.

Others will be causing positive waves in different sectors of the country.

Some will become wonderful parents to their children.

Some will become Pastors and Imams.

Some will become highly successful business experts.

Some will become dons in their Fields of study

Others will become great leaders and world influencers.

You see those prophecies outlined up there, all will happen as a result of the decisions we made or we’re making today. One thing about life is that it gives you what to think when you have nothing to think about, it helps you decide when you suddenly lose your willpower and it navigates you to wherever it so desires when you suddenly lose your ability to control the wheels.

This is a wake-up call to rise and make the right decisions for your tomorrow!

The future you consider as far is just a stone’s throw from where you are present. Why not get up fast and make things right again?

On the contrary, if you’re already doing the right thing and on the pathway to success, kudos to you. More grace to finish the race.

You shouldn’t be scared of twenty years from now, instead, it should be scared of you because of the great personality you will have.

One thing is sure and certain, it is that, although we make our plans and even map out strategies to accomplish them, God is the one who determines which way you’ll finally go. But while allowing God to navigate our lives, yeah sure, it’s expected of everyone to allow God to take charge, while at that, we ought to have a mental picture of how we see our lives and ourselves in many years to come, you know it helps channel focus, energy and strength towards the right direction and course.

Here are some benefits/advantages of having a clear mental picture of your future (Vision).

  1. It helps do away with distractions

When you know where you’re going and you of course know what to put in place coupled with strategies on how to get there, you will know exactly what shouldn’t be when they come, helping you do away with them speedily as they are distractions. These help with focus and undivided attention.

  1. A more fulfilling and purposeful life

Imagine you know exactly where you’re going and you’re putting in the work daily to get there; well every little accomplishment in line with the written goal, fills you with joy and happiness knowing fully well you’re getting close, to your dreams. You won’t be stranded.

Value or great value?

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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