I’m Seeking Other Career Paths – Daniel Regha Reveals He’s a Part-Time Chef


Nigerian influencer, Daniel Regha, has revealed that he is also a part-time chef with a certificate in culinary studies.

The popular Twitter user said in 2024 he is giving serious consideration to the exploration of other career paths outside of his niche, which is influencing on social media.

Regha made the disclosure in a recent interview while hoping for the new year to bring more exciting opportunities for him.

He said;

“I am a part-time chef, and I actually have a culinary certificate. 2024 might be the year for me to explore other career paths. I am excited to see what the year will bring. I am very excited and ready.”

Speaking further, the vocal critic said he is not bothered about negative comments because they are just people’s personal opinions.

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Daniel Regha said;

“Like I said earlier, people’s negative remarks don’t get to me, because that is their personal opinions. I also have opinions about others and I expect them not to take offense too. So, if I get offended or even bothered over people’s opinions of me, that would make me a hypocrite.

I usually start my days by watching animal documentaries, cartoons or funny educational content that set my mood for the day. And, I do everything to protect my inner peace. You cannot troll someone who does not care.

Criticism is a part of life. I expect it and learn from it. I pay no attention to negative remarks or criticisms though, because I know many people say those things out of spite.”


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