A must-read for entrepreneurs and aspiring money tycoons.

Disclaimer: First of all, if you prefer poverty to riches, don’t go ahead reading this post, it will do you no good.

Secondly, if you’re apathetic to money, you can also scroll past this piece.

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The journey to becoming rich and wealthy isn’t an easy one, most especially for those who are just starters, who weren’t born with a silver spoon, it can take a lot from you to make it to the top being wealthy, so many sacrifices need to be made, discipline needs to be in check and so many No(s) to frivolities.

The likes of Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Otedola, Mike Adenuga, and the likes of them have gone through a lot before getting to the height they are currently; it’s a long ride. Wealth, success, and prosperity do not just come to anyone, due diligence, skills, expertise, and hard work need to be put in place for it to happen.

To avoid any further suspense, let’s journey through these two points quickly.


Yes, you just read that, never create instead solve. A problem is something difficult to solve. It could be creating more liabilities (what extracts money from you) and fewer assets (what gives you money).

Here is a law I carved out to back up this point,

‘ The invariable increase of cash flow in any business setup is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of problems solved ‘ That’s right!  In a simple state, more problems are solved, and more money is earned.  The same thing applies to life success, the more people’s needs you meet, the more valuable you become.

Today’s business tycoons and successful men are solving problems.

  • Elon Musk is solving a problem in transportation.

  • Mark Zuckerberg is solving a problem in online communication and connection.

  • Aliko Dangote is mainly solving a problem related to hunger.

  • Wale Adenoma is mainly solving a problem associated with Telecommunications.

  • Mr. or Mrs./Miss X (you) what problem are you solving?

It baffles me so much getting to know and hear how many want to be successful but aren’t ready to put in the work; check out all the rich they are all solving problems be it as a form of service or product, money don’t just fall from the sky, you put in the necessary work and energy in attracting and sustaining it. It’s one thing to make money, in fact so much money, but then it’s another to keep and sustain it. This is a topic for another day.

Identify a problem (s) today and solve it fully, you will be surprised at how rich you will become.


“Elisɦa what ɖօ ʏօʊ ʍeaռ?” Well, what I mean is never be a slave to money only. I was careful with my statement by adding ONLY, that’s because in building wealth and becoming a master of money, then you have to work for money first to earn before being independent.

While being a servant to other bosses, you can also be a boss to subordinate servants. Be that manager of Mr. A`s company and be the manager of your own company, this is necessary for more cash flow and experience, then later on break free and become your boss completely (Note: This is optional but greatly advised to act on).

I have never seen or heard of an influential rich person who works for someone else completely; if you have a contrary answer, notify me in the comment box below. Besides slaves never get rich their master does.

Be your boss!

Well, while I understand frankly that not all are comfortable and okay running businesses because being a business owner demands a lot from you, from technical skills to managerial skills and so many others, not all are ready to do this and it is okay and fine. The above is a suggestion and only channeled to those who want to be wealthy.

Here is my advice again, never  work for money only, be its master instead, send it on errands, and make it deliver swiftly and in abundance to you.

Value or great value?

Till I write to you again

To your growth, success, and being influentially active.

We’ve arrived at our destination; you can now go and explore.

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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