“I worked hard for it”, DJ Cuppy opens up on being Nigeria’s Tourism Ambassador


DJ Cuppy

Billionaire Femi Otedola’s 22 year old daughter has carved a niche for herself as one of the best DJs in the music industry. Florence, aka DJ Cuppy, is our celebrity for the weekend.

In this interview, the beautiful entertainer who grew up in Ilupeju, Lagos and had a cheerful and bright childhood, talked music, handling fame, being Femi Otedola’s daughter and more.


How the name ‘DJ Cuppy evolved’?
Cuppy: Such an interesting question! I used to be called DJ Cupcake actually, back when I was 16. I mean, people used to call me Cups, Cupstar, Cuppito, etc… As time has progressed and I became more professionally involved in music I decided to drop the ‘DJ’ and the ‘cake’, and ended up at Cuppy!

dj cuppy and aka 463A7781

How do you all the attention and fame that come with being Nigeria’s first female DJ.
Cuppy: By staying true to myself and not forgetting who my parents brought me up to be.

You have accomplished quite a lot within a short time, even than several other DJs that started long before, what’s the secret?

Cuppy: I honestly think its down to God and of course hard work and persistence. Plus I have an EPIC team behind me. Never give up in chasing your dreams!


Challenges that come with being a DJ?

Cuppy: With everything in life, there are of course challenges. Some of the challenges that come with being a DJ especially a female one is that people tend to not take you seriously but I just stay positive and allow my talent to speak for itself.

Being a role model to young ladies

Cuppy: Yes, it makes me want to work harder and prove myself even more! I would hate to let them down…

Comparing the Nigerian music industry with that of the western world

Cuppy: The Nigerian music industry keeps growing at such a rapid rate. I can’t wait to see the improvements 10 years from now. Although there are a lot of similarities between the music industry in Nigeria and the Western world, I think Nigeria’s music industry is unique in its own sense. Our culture and personalities allow us to stand out wherever we are in the world and this continually attracts the attention of the Western world.

Let’s talk about your House of Cuppy mixtape which was released last year

Cuppy: Yes House of Cuppy was released last year and was launched in Lagos, London and New York. I think it is evident from the pictures that the turn out was great. I will always be thankful to everyone that supported and continue to support me.

How do you make out time for yourself despite your busy schedule

Cuppy: I never really have time to myself but I love my job so much that it doesn’t bother me!

Staying humble despite being born with a silver spoon
Cuppy: It’s nice to hear that I’m perceived as a humble person. I think it’s all down to my upbringing; my parents have always encouraged us to respect and treat others, as we would like to be treated. I had a normal upbringing and many people forget that I was born and raised in Ilupeju!

You have travelled round the world! Which is your favorite city?
Cuppy: Yes it’s true I’ve been to amazing cities around the world. I loved soaking myself in the Arab culture in Dubai, I also loved visiting Nairobi, Kenya and seeing a different part of Africa. I am hoping to explore cities in Africa a lot more and I have to say my favorite city is Lagos! I just love coming back home.

What inspired your Marie Antoinette era theme graduation party which held last year
Cuppy: Yes it was a fantastic graduation party and launch of the first edition of House Of Cuppy. I studied French at school and speak French so I think that was where the Marie Antoinette inspiration came from. This year House of Cuppy II was inspired by the Motherland itself Africa!

Why are you still furthering your education despite having an amazing skill that most ladies cannot even boast of.
Cuppy: Yes I am currently undertaking a Masters degree in Music Business. I believe that furthering my skills will only do more good than harm and help to futher my knowledge in my chosen career path. It is not just about DJ-ing, there is a business side in the entertainment industry which I hope to be able to tap into as time goes by which was why I started my own content and production company called Red Velvet Music Group. I believe in educating yourself at all times, we can never know enough!


Last year,  you were appointed Nigeria’s tourism ambassador and it sparked quite a lot of positive and negative reactions. Many insisted that you didn’t merit the title, as it was only given to you because of your father’s affluence and well known status quo in the country…

Cuppy: It was an honour to be appointed as Nigeria’s Tourism ambassador and I have thoroughly enjoyed flying the flag for Nigeria wherever I am in the world.

I worked hard and will continue to work hard to earn a name and position for myself.

Were there ever times you wished things were different for you and didn’t have to be referred to as the billionaire’s daughter?

Cuppy: I am and will always be proud to be an Otedola regardless of the criticisms I face. I just try to look at things in a positive light.


Nigerians heavily criticized Governor Adams Oshiomhole marriage to Iara Fortes last month, many claimed the new bride was in the marriage for financial gains while several others were not pleased with the age gap between the couple. What’s your take on this?
Cuppy: Love is something I believe is personal. You can’t help who or what you fall in love with. Many people criticized me for falling in love with music and not following my Father’s line of profession but what you love is what you love. As long as it/they make you happy!

What should fans expect from Cuppy in the coming months?
Cuppy: Well my Cupcakes can expect a lot of activity from me in the coming months. The second edition of House Of Cuppy is out and I’m really grateful for all the support so far. I really enjoyed expressing my creativity this year and hope my Cupcakes enjoy it too! I of course have a lot more under my sleeves so look out!


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