I Will See You In Another Lifetime – Angel Smith Pens Tribute To Ex-boyfriend, Four years After Demise


Ex-BBNaija housemate, Angel Smith has penned an emotional note to mark the passing of her ex-boyfriend who died four years ago.

She took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her late lover while expressing the hurt in her heart to see him go.

In her tribute to her ex-boyfriend, Angel Smith hinted at their last moment together, the time of his passing, and the location.

She Wrote;

“My love, I loved you more than I loved death, I spent years and years dreaming of the day it would wrap me in its arms until I met you. People talk all the time about loving someone enough to die for them, for me it was the complete opposite, dying was easy, living on the other hand was something I dreaded.

Before I met you, I would spend long hours staring at the ceiling dreading my existence and then one hot afternoon in front of rhapsodies, I met you, you had captured the sun in your eyes, I wonder if you knew just how luminous you were, you were glorious, so much so that I was scared of you, you were something good, I wasn’t used to good things.

That night, when you first hugged me like I could break, it was so soft I felt like you were absorbing me and maybe truly you were, maybe it was you who took away all of those heavy feelings and gave me light because I went home that day and looked up at my ceiling, the sun was there.

I loved you so much that I wanted to live for you, I sucked at it but you made me want to try, I lived simply for the moment when I would wake up from sleep, roll over to the right and you’d be there with the brightest smile, it was so bright you know, even when you left it lingered or maybe it was because I memorized the details, I too wanted to capture the sun in my eyes.

You know the day you died, I went to Eko Atlantic, it wasn’t as beautiful as it is now and I started running, it was 3pm, I ran so fast hoping that you would be at the other side waiting for me to fall into your arms just like when we first met, I ran as though I could hack the matrix and catch you before you left without a proper good bye, it was 6:30pm in Eko Atlantic when the sun slowly started to disappear, I stood still holding my breath, that would be the last time I would see you, I didn’t want to forget just how beautiful you were.

I still chase the sun sometimes you know, I tell myself that one day, I’ll catch it, I’ll catch you and every time the sun rises, I catch a glimpse of you, I still live just to see it every day. I know that somewhere beyond my imagination, the sun is still in your eyes, for now my baby, sleep, I will see you in another life time.”


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