I Struggled To Find Accomodation when I First Came To Lagos – Shallipopi


Crown Uzama, known professionally as Shallipopi, has narrated a story of his humble beginnings when he struggled to secure accommodation upon arriving in Lagos from Benin City.

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The rapper shared this story in his interview on the Zero Conditions Podcast, revealing that when he first came to Lagos state from his hometown in Benin City, he didn’t have a place to stay. As a result, he decided to ask around, but he was refused by people who had claimed to like his music.

He began,

“Before my song ‘Elon Musk’ blew, I came to Lagos and was looking for a place to stay. Then I started contacting some of my acquaintances in Lagos who had been flaunting their flamboyant lifestyle on WhatsApp statuses because some of them had told me before that they liked my song, ‘Elon Musk.’ I contacted four people, but they all said I couldn’t stay with them.”

Due to this, Shallipopi found himself having to ask around for accommodation arrangements again. He eventually found someone, but that was under the guise that he was only going to stay at his house for a couple of days.

“I eventually found someone who said I should come stay with them. I deceived them that I was going to stay for just four days. After I stayed there for four days, I got a show in Port Harcourt just with my song ‘Elon Musk,’ which wasn’t gaining much traction then. But the fee was N50,000, and the organizers paid for my flight. The people I was staying with insisted on going with me. It was my first flight,” he added

As fate would have it, his hit song, Elon Musk, became increasingly popular, and Shallipopi got his big break shortly after. He has continued to climb up the ladder of success with hit after hit and his own record label at just 23 years of age.


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