I Don’t Like Twitter People – Burna Boy


Burna BoyInternational singer Burna Boy does not have access to his Twitter account and is making it clear that if he did, everywhere go scatter on a daily!

Speaking during an interview on Kiss Fresh hosted by Henrie, the singer stated that his management took his Twitter account from him. He then stressed that if he did have access to his account, he’d trend every day because he wouldn’t tolerate disrespect from anyone. Burna Boy then asserted that if he was on Twitter the ground would shake consistently.

He said,

“If I had access to my account everywhere would be shaking every day. The ground will be elevating based on my feelings and I don’t like disrespect on the internet and they always try to disrespect me on the internet. So my management does not let me have access, if not then the ground will elevate. I will spend too much time there, honestly, I will spend a lot of time there.”


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It was at that point that the City Boys singer noted that he does not like Twitter users on a normal day, and added that he has realised that Nigerian Twitter users are not as bad as he thought. He thought Nigerian Twitter users were feisty up until he came across users from other countries like the US, Kenya and South Africa.

He said,

“I don’t like people on Twitter, I used to think that it was just Nigerians on Twitter that were just mad then I went to Kenya and saw that it was the same thing. Then I went to South Africa and saw that it was the same thing.”



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