How US-style Nigeria hospital revived condemned contractor


Genesis Specialist Hospital, a new hospital opened by a group of US trained doctors, operating in the Ikeja GRA area of Lagos has been applauded for saving the life of a Nigerian, who was rejected by different hospitals in Lagos, because his case was too critical.
He was rejected by a renowned private hospital and was left dying at a one of the teaching hospitals before he was finally accepted by Genesis Specialist Hospital.

   For Ogunlade Yakubu, who had a serious accident of which he fell from about 30 feet while doing roof work for one of the big online mall companies. He apparently had no harness when he fell and cracked his skull with serious traumatic brain injury. 

   Yakubu, narrating his ordeals said:

 “Immediately I had the accident, I lost consciousness and was rushed to several hospitals. But I was rejected because I sustained a very serious brain injury”. I would have died if I were not rushed to Genesis Specialist Hospital. 

   In a testimonial he wrote after he regained his consciousness, Yakubu lamented how the incident, left him helpless in coma for days, peddled from hospital to hospital.

    “I really thank the lord for his mercies upon me. I appreciate Genesis Specialist Hospital for the great work that was done on me,” Yakubu wrote.

  GSH has been regarded as one of the best specialist hospitals in the country, with one of the best Intensive care units and operating theatres.  It boasts exceptional specialists whilst providing compassionate care to patients.
   Genesis Specialist Hospital, a 10-bed facility with focus on Cardiopulmonary, Oncology, Neurology, Critical Care and Specialty Surgeries, is aimed at offering world-class treatment.


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