Water is indispensable. Drinking water is a must for everyone. In Nigeria today, pure water business is at its highest demand, especially in the recession. Pure water can be sold anywhere from Abuja to Lagos and is bought by anyone from any social class.   

Pure water is sold anywhere from car parks to restaurants. Pure water is now also being served in parties these days.

Starting a sachet water company is quite easy but requires some strict regulations.


A building (Factory):  A building is very important in the pure water business. The building has to be in strict adherence to NAFDAC regulations. Usually, a 2 or 3 bedroom kind of apartment should be okay. The building will also need to have a smooth flow from production to finished products.

Distribution Vehicles:  For your water business to be profitable, you will need distribution vans, at least 2 or 3. This is to help you move the bags of water from your factory to your customers. The vehicle should be in a very good working condition and should also be serviced at least every 3 months depending on the state of roads in your location.

Primary Source of Water: In order to be able to maximize profit, you will need a bore hole as a source of water in your factory. This should be deep enough to allow you have water whenever you need. It will not be advisable that you buy water to start your business.

NAFDAC Registration: Since water is to be taken in, it is considered to be potentially hazardous if not well produced or stored. You will need  NAFDAC registration before you can start a water factory anywhere in Nigeria. This will include an application for the registration and an appointment for inspection by officials. Upon approval, you will be given a certificate with an approved NAFDAC no. It will be illegal to operate without  NAFDAC no.

TREATMENT PLANT: This involves a lot of equipment but nothing to be afraid of. They include 2 overhead tanks, distillers, 2 ground tanks and an ozonator. These are all part of the treatment plant that will follow the process of water from the borehole to the packaging machine. This also includes filters of different sizes (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL HAVE TO BE INSTALLED FOR YOU BY A CERTIFIED CONSULTANT).

DINGLI PACKAGING/SEALING MACHINE: This is the machine in which the treated water gets into and produces the sealed bags of water.

GENERATOR (An Alternative Source of Power):  Given the current power situation in Nigeria, you will need a generator to power your factory. Depending on how big the factory is, you may need at least a 15KVA generator.

STAFF: It is advisable that you have a minimum staff of 3 or 4. These will include the operator, driver and a general cleaner. You can increase the number of staff as the business grows.

It is very important that a feasibility study is done before setting up a factory. A good knowledge of the area and potential customers is needed.

There are also some other things involved in setting up a water factory that are not here like cost implication of production and sales, how and where to by the materials needed etc

If you are interested in setting up a pure water factory anywhere in Nigeria, Naijassador has consultants that can help you out. Please send a mail with your name and location to articles@naijassador.com. You can also send Whatsapp messages to 08092067111 (messages only)