Did you know that bread happens to be one of the most popular foods in the world? You will hardly find any country that does not have its own bread recipe. The same is true for Nigeria! How to make Nigerian bread? Let`s take a look at Nigerian Bread Recipe!

How to make Nigerian bread at home?

Nigerian Sweet Bread recipe

baking Nigerian bread at home

Nigerian people consume a lot of bread on a daily basis. Nigerian Bread is also popularly referred to as ‘Agege bread’. It`s very tasty and a simple dish to make in Nigeria. Every Nigerian should know how to bake Nigerian bread. Also, some families have their own traditions when it comes to bread baking. Here, we will try to give the simple Nigerian bread recipe so that you can learn how to make it without stress. 

Nigerian bread ingredients

Nigerian bread ingredients

– Vegetable oil;

– One sachet of quick rising yeast;

– One cup of warm water;

– Half a cup of milk;

– One and a half tablespoon of butter;

– One and a half tablespoon of salt;

– One and a half tablespoon of sugar;

– Three cups of all-purpose baking flour.


Tools you need to make Nigerian bread

Tools you need to make Nigerian bread!

– Kitchen Knife;

– Wooden board (flat surface);

– Oven;

– Baking pan;

– Rolling pin;

– Two mixing bowls;

– Napkins.

Nigerian Sweet Bread Recipe – Directions 

Nigerian Sweet Bread recipe – Directions

– Take a large mixing bowl;

– Pour two cups of flour into this bowl;

– Add salt,

yeast, and sugar;

– Mix the ingredients in the bowl;

– Heat the milk until it`s warm;

– Pour the milk into the mixture;

– Add the butter

Nigerian Sweet Bread recipe – Directions

– Stir the batter until you get a sticky mixture;

– Start adding the remaining flour;

Add one teaspoon at the time;

– Continue mixing until you get an elastic dough;

– Coat your palms with flour;

– Coat your work surface with the flour too!

– Now, it’s time to start kneading the batter (You will need to knead it for at least for ten minutes);

– Take the vegetable oil! Now, coat the pan with it!

– Take a napkin and use it to cover your large bowl of batter;

– Put the batter in an unheated oven (One hour should be enough);

– One hour later and you will get a dough that’s double the size of what you put in;

– Now, it’s time to take out the dough. Place it on the floured surface;

– Punch your dough three-four times, and it will return to the previous state;

– Put your dough into the baking pan; 

– Take the rolling pin if you need to roll the dough to the baking pan size;

– Tuck the ends of the dough;

– Use your vegetable oil to coat the outsides of the dough! 

Nigerian Sweet Bread recipe

– Cover it with a napkin and place into the unheated oven (one hour should be enough);

– One hour later, it`s time for you to remove the dough;

– Take a knife and stab your dough several times;

– Heat the oven up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit/190 degrees Celsius and wait for five minutes;

– Five minutes after, you can place your dough in the oven;

– Bake the dough for thirty-forty minutes (You can check it now! It should have a golden-brown color);

– Remove the bread from the oven and leave it to cool for fifteen-twenty minutes;

– You can now eat your Nigerian sweet bread

Nigerian Bread Recipe

How to make Nigerian bread? Now you know how! Just follow the simple guide mentioned above, and you will get the sweetest bread to serve to your friends and relatives. Bon appetit! 

Courtesy: Naij.com