Yes, It’s a new year, you’re happy, excited, and thrilled. You want to make it a good year for yourself but you have no idea how to. You have the heart of a soldier ready to start the new year afresh but have no clue as to how to make a new year resolution let alone start one, you’ve read a lot of books, and listened to motivational speeches but still don’t know how or where to start.

Stop! Search no more, because Naijassador has got you covered. We see your thirst for success and because of this, let us bring you these tips to quench your hunger and thirst. With no further ado let’s get started.

The first thing or idea to start a New Year resolution is to take a minute to think about the things and goals you want to achieve, is it a long- or short-term goal, are the goals what you want or are they what you feel pressured or mandated to do?

It is important to note and pursue the goals you want as the passion inside will keep you going when it gets tough. Having decided what you want and the category it falls under, the next thing is taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

Tips to get started

Be practical: More often than not, when people make or write their resolutions, they tend to write far-fetched or unrealistic goals, and when they fail to achieve them, they break down. The tip to creating or writing your resolutions isn’t just writing random words or things, but writing goals or things that are significant to you and would want to accomplish. Note down the things that marred the goals you set the previous year and avoid them in the new year.

Pen down your goals: You’ve thought of the resolutions, now it’s time to write them down. Writing down your resolutions may seem insignificant but it’s very crucial, as this will help you keep track of accomplished and unaccomplished goals. It will also give you motivation to keep pushing even on days you don’t feel like it. The trick is to write the resolutions on a paper or card and stick them to a spot, furniture, or wall where you will see them daily.

Plan your goals: You’ve written your goals now it’s time to plan it. Planning your goals on a day-to-day basis helps you get closer to achieving them. Start by achieving the goals little by little daily.

Be flexible: Not everything will work out the way you want it to but the most important thing is that you keep pushing yourself towards the person you want to become.

Discipline: Distractions are going to come even after you’ve set goals and begun achieving them, that’s where and when discipline comes in. This is the time you take a stand for what you want. It’s going to be difficult sometimes but the later end will be worth it.

Don’t feel pressurized: Uncertainties are going to come sometimes and you’re going to feel pressure to do more or move at a faster pace, it’s normal. The best thing to do in such a situation is to calm yourself down and remind yourself that you’re doing just fine.

Reward yourself: Every goal you accomplish is an opportunity or juncture to reward yourself, as you have pushed yourself through discipline and hard work. You’ve accomplished those goals, yeah, it’s time to give yourself a little treat.

Setting goals is easy, achieving them is the hard part. Your goals are still going to remain unachievable goals until you take a stand and push yourself towards achieving them. Now, it’s time to put your armour on, merry, cheer and go have a successful year.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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