During a time when everything is instant and quick, lovers have lost sight of how to really enjoy the intimacy of sex. Every song on the radio promotes pumping like a jack rabbit and coming in and going out of a sexual experience like Speedy Gonzalez. There are more men eager to “beat it up” and women willing to take it for the sake of the experience than there are individuals who currently appreciate the art of building love and trust during sex.

Intimacy is more than just having great sex; it is having that deep emotional connection with your partner that helps to usher in a sense of harmony and unity that raises the energy of the sexual experience.

If you have lost sight of how to create intimacy during your sexual encounters, have not fear! Read the tips below and become familiar with a few simple ways intimacy can be implemented into your sexual regimen.

Make eye contact

The eyes are the window to the soul and there is no better way to connect with someone than to look them in the eyes. Locking gaze during sex sends a set of signals to the brain of your partner that register in his or her subconscious. The words aren’t spoken, but the feelings are felt, and this deep understanding ushers in unity. So while you two are unified by the genitals, create unity through eye contact! It feels amazing!

Use sex positions that facilitate body to body contact and eye contact

Yea yea, I know doggie style positions are a world wide favorite, however, in this position it’s all about the animalistic ravaging. Sex positions that require close bodily contact creates intimacy through the touching of skin and through the absorption of breath each partner can feel from the other. Spooning is a great alternative of the traditional doggie style where both partners can still get that deep penetration and create the closeness of intimacy because of how the bodies are positioned. You can also use any variation of the missionary position whether the legs are in the air and spread apart or wrapped around your partner (yes, men can be on the receiving end too! switch it up!) Cowgirl positions also create intimacy through the locked gaze the female partner will have with the submissive male (as long as it’s not reverse cowgirl). Switch things up and take the stroke slow so you and your partner can dwell on every sensation.

Caress each other

Touching exchanges energy from one source to another, and when you gently caress your partner with loving care, that energy is felt throughout his or her body. While facing each other (either sitting up or lying down) begin to touch each other starting from the head down to the feet if you so desire. To spice things up, use your lips to caress the body of your partner and really get those sexual juices flowing! As you caress your partner, keep eye contact, and send those mental messages of desire to your partners subconscious as you explore his/her body with touch. Those soft caresses can turn into an erotic massage that will definitely get your partner hot and ready for the main event!

Spend more time kissing

The lips have many nerve endings and receptors that sends signals to the brain and create sexual arousal. Not only are the lips good at sending messages, but placing them close together with your partner’s in a kiss is one of the most intimate acts that can be performed. Use your time during foreplay and during sex to experiment with different forms of kissing. Use your lips…

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