Oily skin, the skin of shine and glow. Oily skin is known for its shiny appearance and its tendency to overproduce oil, which may seem like a hassle but is an advantageous end to its owner.

In a recent survey by Naijassador, most oily skin owners, it has a lot of benefits, and some of its many benefits are that it makes your skin glow and keeps it moisturized thereby making it look fresh and radiant all through the day. It gives a glowing natural look to the face that makes it sparkle with beauty, even without much makeup.

Awesome, right? You don’t believe me? Next time when your skin gets oily, look into the mirror and you’ll see a radiant beauty looking back at you.

Taking care of oily skin is not like taking a walk in the park, as it has a lot of needs. But with the right guide and tips, it will get easier and start to feel like a walk in the park.

Tips to on how take care of skin

1: Wash regularly

Washing the skin regularly helps reduce the oily appearance. It is advised to wash your face once in the morning and at night. Washing twice a day is advised because overwashing will cause your glands to go into survival mode and secrete more oil on your face, and obviously, we don’t want that. A benefit of washing twice daily is that it helps detoxify the skin and cleanse it of dead skin cells.

2: Don’t use harsh material on your skin

Wash your face and start the day

Are you prone to cleaning your skin with any material you, see? Then please stop. Having oily skin is like having a tender baby to take care of and it is important that when you choose a material or cloth to clean your face with, it has to be mild or soft. Whether it’s a handkerchief, face towel or any cloth basically, it has to be soft, mild or gentle.

3: Don’t scrub your skin

Now this is another action that has to be tamed. Whenever you wash your face or maybe decide to clean it or wipe something off. Please don’t scrub. A gentle pat on your face will do, as scrubbing your skin can or may cause redness and swelling.

4: Avoid using alcohol or oil-based products

When picking or choosing a cosmetic, lotion, or toner it is important to note that choosing an oil-free or alcohol-based product is very harmful to your skin. Oily skin is already, well, oily. So, you most certainly don’t need more oil than natural oil. That’s why it’s essential to choose an oil and alcohol-free based product.

5: Exfoliation

The importance of exfoliation can never be overemphasized as it removes dead skin cells from the skin and helps it maintain its health. Exfoliation helps the skin to maintain its beauty.

6: Don’t touch your face

In as much as all the oil on your face may pull you to touch it, it’s still important for you not to touch your face. This is because all through the day your hands touch a lot of furniture, surfaces, and objects that have dust and dirt on it, and touching your face with the same hands will leave the dirt on your face, thereby clogging your pores, which will lead to an acne breakout. If you must touch your face, it is advised that you wash or wipe your hands before touching your face.

8: Blotting papers

This is another essential tool for taking care of oily skin, as it draws oil from the skin, making the oily appearance on the face minimal. Blotting papers helps reduce and soak up all the excess oil on your face, removing all extra oil that makes you uncomfortable.  Blotting papers are easy off-the-counter products that you can purchase. You simply put the paper on your face and leave it for a while, then remove it and discard it.

Having oily skin is like having a tender baby, you just have to take care of it, and just like every other little baby, your oily skin has needs. But one good thing is that the more you take care of it, the more refreshing and healthier it looks and becomes.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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