Nigerian Actress, Stella Damasus gave her fans and loyal admirers some insight on how to handle their cheating partners.

She shared her comments on her Monday show on i2radio in Atlanta, USA ‘Undiluted with Stella Damasus’- Hard talk. No barriers. No limitations.

She talked about the issue of women putting condoms in their man’s bags.

Asked: “A woman put a pack of condoms in her cheating husband’s suitcase. What do you think? Would you?”.

Stella said, “‘If a man cheats once and you catch him, your reaction to his cheating would determine what happens the next time.If I have tried everything and he continues, then I’m sorry, I wouldn’t stay there.

I would never be the one to put condoms in his suitcase. I’m sorry darling, your putting a condom in a suitcase will not change him.Instead of putting condoms, write a note telling him how much you love him and ask him to protect you and your home.”

Stella Damasus is one of the main pillars of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood today and has acted in over 200 movies.