How I rose from a poor academic performance in primary school to graduating with a First Class from UNILAG – Prepclass Founder shares his testimony


Unlike most motivational speeches I do not have a step by step list of how I reached the peak of a successful academic career or 22 secrets on how to be a 1st class graduate. I did not have to struggle with a detailed guideline glued to my wall. I cannot say there wasn’t a price paid in the midst of all these but one thing I am certain of is the effort made by my parents and how a simple decision they made changed everything… continue reading.

The truth is I never started as an excellent student, I vividly remember my early primary school days I dangled to and fro the double digits of position 15 and 18 in a class of 25 students for about two years. I felt so comfortable such that the time I moved up to 10th I felt like a real MVP, I felt so proud regardless of how far I was from the 1st position my mother always preached about.

How the journey started…

My mum usually worked till late. Don’t ask me about dad because he is worse, he got home so late I only saw him twice a week Saturdays and Sundays but I forgive him because he kept the money coming. Due to mums work I stayed at her friend’s house close to the school so she will pick me up after work. Her friend, who we fondly called “Mummy Dee” had a daughter about my age and there was this mid aged woman who comes to the house often to teach her. I wasn’t interested in whatever the woman was doing then all I wanted to do then was do my homework which was a licence to play around. But she always questioned me about my homework and offered to help.

After doing this for about a month, I began to understand some things better, I became more interested in some seemingly difficult topics. I understood important concepts especially in mathematics. I became more interested in sharing my homework with Ms.Tinu(Desola’s Tutor). She will constantly explain every subject and all things became clearer in no time. I joined Ms.Tinu even as I prepared for exams and learning just became so easy. After my exams I landed in 4th position from 10th let’s not even talk about how I rejoiced.

My mum noticed my swift upgrade and I couldn’t help but share with her my experience with Ms.Tinu. She was intrigued and relieved because she has tried all possible ways to take me off my comfort zone. Miss. Tinu soon became my full time tutor all through primary school. Then Miss Poopoloa when I was in secondary school. I felt covered as I had someone to discuss my academic fears with, she taught me special techniques in answering exam questions. My calculation skills increased in no time. I became one of the best at every new level. It made learning fun and easy.

The point here is I moved up to the university using the concepts I learned from Ms Tinu, my foundation was rock solid. I knew all I needed to be an exceptional student, my university ride was smooth. Any child can achieve a 1st class result but not without the best foundation, support structure and confidence that is needed.

After reading this you might want to ask where you can get professional tutors like Ms Tinu ?

After, graduating from the University of Lagos with 1st class from the department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering. I got my first white collar job paying me 200k per month. I was very excited. Less than 6 months down the line, I still felt largely unfulfilled. As a product of GREAT education, I felt I could do more. I decided to start-out my own education company that would help young students/pupils connect with great tutors   just like I connected with Ms Tinu and Ms Poopola. Ofcourse, Prepclass is currently very successful – we are by far the biggest supplementary education brand in Nigeria with awards and recognition from MIT, future awards, Forbes, Fastcompany, BellaNaija etc.

We have testimonies from over 800 parents in Lagos alone. Our highly trained tutors are passionate about the success of their tutee. We offer an affordable,  one-on-one home tutoring  service that works around you providing students with a personalised education that is tailored to suit their abilities, learning style and personality.

Click here to fill our form or Give us a call now on 01-2913970 or 08059811502 and request for an experthome tutor in Lagos, home tutor in Abuja and home tutor in Portharcourt. If you would like to speak with me personally, just ask to speak with Olumide. I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve the academic performance of your child/ward!
Watch this video as it highlights one of Prepclass tutors achievements with a learner. Every child is exceptional, there is only a need for exceptional methods.


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