Herbert Wigwe Built Lavish Tomb For Himself Before His Passing


Herbert Wigwe, the former CEO of Access Holdings Plc, tragically passed away in a helicopter crash in the United States alongside his wife and son. However, news has emerged that before his passing, Wigwe had constructed an elaborate private tomb for himself within the grounds of his newly established Wigwe International University in Isiokpo, Rivers State, Nigeria.

According to reports from Nigerian media outlets like Naijassador, the construction of the tomb seems almost prescient. Described as “a sight worthy of a billionaire.” The mausoleum is said to feature luxurious materials which are well constructed with Italian Carara marble. It is also adorned with foreign granite galaxy finishes. The tomb is a testament to Wigwe’s wealth and prominent status. An inscription on the tomb reads “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength,” reflecting Wigwe’s religious beliefs.

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The news of the pre-built tomb has garnered mixed reactions. Some have expressed admiration for Wigwe’s foresight and desire to create a lasting legacy, while others have questioned the ostentatious nature of the construction, particularly within the grounds of an educational institution.

Regardless of individual perspectives, the story of Herbert Wigwe’s tomb serves as a unique and thought-provoking reminder of our mortality and the legacies we choose to leave behind.


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