Give Love A Chance


Most often we are allowed to find love, and then actually love and then be loved back, meanwhile, some people never get the privilege to actually love and then be loved back in return this is often called by most folks, unrequited love and it can be so painful and hurtful, but then whichever way just do ensure that when you love your loved back so as not to put anyone in a mess situation.

In this particular article, we will be looking at love in two ways; romantic love and then agape love, whichever way both plays major significant roles in the life of an individual.

Agape love is one shared amongst believers, it is believed to be love from God, while romantic love is one between two persons of opposite sexes, these guys in most often cases are called lovers, and it involves several a lot things which include sexual pleasures, kissing and romances, hugs and so on. While the latter tends to exist between couples and lovers to help bond them together, the former exists among Christians as a platonic Godly kind of love and this in most cases is what bonds Christians and believers together.

Should I call this a cliché, that love is a beautiful thing but when given or when it exists between two people who reciprocate it back to themselves, love is a beautiful thing when it is with the right person.

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Heartbreaks, unrequited love, cheating, and rejection are terminologies that exist in a love situation and these terms in most often cases hinder a lot of people from falling in love again or being in love cause at the sight of it they flee, while those are the negative sides of love or the disadvantages of loving, there are also it positive sides which indeed makes love a beautiful thing but then I would love it if we could look at these terminologies;


This is a situation whereby one falls in love but then after both parties are madly in love, one thing leads to the other and then which leads to a break-up between both parties leaving them both in heartaches that’s because they’ve both fallen deeply for each other and since it didn’t work out, they’re been left in pains which in most cases the heart suffers most. Heartbreak leads to excruciating pains especially if both parties expect that they both will end up getting married and then something came up but then it didn’t work out. Here are some of the causes of heart breaks, they include lack of trust, lies, cheating and manipulation, and disobedience amongst many others, most often this hurts the other partner and being unable for the situation to be fixed results in a break up which leads to heartbreak in most cases.

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Unrequited love

This is the love situation whereby two parties are in a mutual platonic relationship and one person falls in love with the other person probably because of proximity and constant communication but the other person does not reciprocate the love back because they don’t feel the same way, this can be a tough tight situation for the other person especially when they decide to tell the other party only to be heartbroken that they do not reciprocate; this is a tough situation and most people would not like to go through this period, cause it’s tough and ugly.


This is the situation whereby a person asks their love interest out probably to be a dating partner and they get a no for an answer, for it hurts a lot and the heart gets to suffer for months and possibly years for this after rejection different feelings of pains, anger, hatred, sadness and all come into play and this person in question might lose interest in people and association at that particular time, some might even pour the anger and frustration on other people and this is no good at all.

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Cheating is a situation whereby two persons are in a relationship and then one person decides to go outside getting along with another person romantically other than their partners, this is no good at all as it leaves the other partner in pain and anguish, at this point so many things will threaten the relationship and both parties might decide to break up and quit from the whole dating thing, leaving both single again and lonely.


Well, love is a beautiful thing and yes more beautiful especially when in love with the right person, so yeah everyone deserves to love and be loved back, even amidst the whole drama that comes with a relationship; heartbreaks and all, we all should yes still thrive to give love a chance even if things do not go out well at least the experiences will do a whole lot to the well-being of a person; but then don’t pray to get into the wrong hands, while you wait to pray for the right person. Give love a chance because when with the right person everything beautiful falls into place, you too deserve to be loved.

Written Elisha Bamaiyi


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