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Name: Solo visuals

Category: Media

Specialization: Portrait photography, Commercial photography, Lifestyle photography, Wedding coverage, Cooperate photography, Fashion photography, Beauty photography, Cinematography.

Description: Photography is not just pictures or mere abstraction, it is the representation of nature in all its glow and beauty. It speaks a million tales in only a single shot, that is what photography is to me. In every shot I take, at every click of my camera, my aim is to tell a story and present a whole new world of creativity with each picture having its own uniqueness. And speaking of beauty, I believe it is not in the most elegant of things but in their presentation and with what lens one chooses to view them from, that exactly is what my kind of photography does. Additionally, I am passionate about the art of photography, hence every shot I take is like the last, giving it all the creativity and skill, I can muster.

Location: Abuja

Links And Contact:

Instagram: @solo_visuals

WhatsApp: 08172462827 / 09025426734

See Some Of Our Work Below:


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