Ex-President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in his interview to BBC Africa said a new federal government must appear in Nigeria on May 29, 2015 in accordance with the Nigeria’s constitution.

While speaking to the journalists in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday’s shift of the 2015 general elections, former president said the constitution lays out how the new government should emerge.

He said: “That is all I can go by. I cannot go by any situation or any other thing.”

Chief Obasanjo eliminated the option of an interim national government if by any means the presidential poll fails to hold, saying: “I don’t know that because the constitution does not have provision for that. There is no place in our constitution for an interim government. I will just have to wait and see.


Answering if he was worried about Nigeria’s future if the election does not hold, former president said Nigeria had gone near precipice on many occasions before, and came back.

We will continue to have this type of uncertainty. We have had more than half a dozen of them in the past but we have survived them”, Obasanjo said.

Nigerians while reacted to the speech of former President accused him of not abiding the constitution while he was a ruler of the country.

Ndubuisi Hillari, who graduated from Saint Teresas college, Nsukka,Enugu State, said: “You never went by the constitution when you went for third tenure.

Ikenna Gabriel, who is currently studied at Italian University added:

I am not supporter of any party. But I support President Goodluck Jonathan for the sake of continuity. Let us give him chance to complete his service he has for Nigeria and Nigerians. I believe if all the presidents were able to work like him Nigeria would have changed for good.

Destiny, life and death is in God’s hands, it’s not according to age, no one know who will die first,” said Clara Nwosu.

Leader at Student and Boss at William, USA, Kala Nas also blamed Mr. Obasanjo: “Obasanjo nothing to talk again, when elders of a house never lead by example this is how it happens. Now you become one of the Nigerians who also complain of a good govt. When you refused to give a good government, how will you receive a good government?”

Watch the interview below:

The new dates of the Nigeria’s general elections emerged on February 7th, when the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Prof. Attahiru Jega announced the postponement, citing insecurity reasons.

The shift of polls rocked Nigerian and world society. While many Nigerians and politicians criticized the decision, there were others who welcomed it.

Chief Obasanjo recently shun the Council of State meeting at the presidential villa, which was held to decide the fate of the forthcoming 2015 general elections.

Former President earlier stated that he would not talk about coming elections.