Gabon Junta Releases Bongo, Grants Permission To Travel For Treatment


The military junta in Gabon, has released Ali Bongo from house arrest, eight days after he was deposed as the country’s President.

According to them, Bongo is free to leave the country for medical treatment.

Bongo was toppled on the morning the electoral umpire announced that he had been re-elected to a third term in office.

On Monday, Brice Nguema, an army general who led the coup, was sworn in as interim President.

Nguema who is Bongo’s cousin, served as a bodyguard to Bongo’s late father and also headed the country’s republican guard, an elite military unit.

The statement announcing Bongo’s release from house arrest was signed by Nguema.

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Ulrich Manfoumbi, the military spokesperson said in the statement read on national television on Wednesday evening said: “Given his state of health, the former President of the Republic Ali Bongo Ondimba is free to move about.

“He may, if he wishes, travel abroad for medical checkups.”

Bongo became president when Omar, his father, died after ruling from 1967 to 2009.

The military is yet to announce a transition to civilian rule programme.


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