Her Excellency, the Slapping Senator.



Nigerian senators have become increasingly active these days. Last week, it was Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed, from Niger state, that commissioned an electric pole. I hope the pole has been powered by PHCN.

Latest news in the air is about Senator Biodun Olujimi, s Senator from Ekiti state, who instructed an aide to slap a NASS staff. Now let us clarify the issues. It is not a sin to slap anyone if he or she deserves the slap. However, on the matter, the unfortunate staff got the slaps simply because of an unfortunate decision to ride in an elevator with the senator.

 While I may understand the ‘segregation’ being exhibited here, as per big madam and ‘commoner’ I cannot for the life of me understand why a human being should be slapped just because he or she decided to ride in an elevator bought with taxpayers money with a senator paid with taxpayers money.

Well, my advice to the NASS staff is to either pursue the case to a logical conclusion or run as far as possible anytime madam gets to the elevator.


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