Alex Badeh

Immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, is back again with more revelations.

You will recall he recently stated that during his tenure, the armed forces under him lacked adequate equipment to fight Boko Haram. However, many criticized him for his remarks, because while still holding the position, he denounced reports about the military being ill-equipped.

During a Channels TV broadcast which aired over the weekend, Badeh once again spoke about what he describes as ill-equipped state of the army during his tenure as Chief of Defence Staff.

He claims that the last time weapons were bought for the Nigerian army was in 2006.

Here is an excerpt from his remarks:

“If I go down memory lane, I think the last time any piece of equipment was bought for the Nigerian army was in 2006 and how many were they? They were few. In fact they were few and if we go way back to 1993, from then on, soldiers were not allowed to even go to range to go and practice. So a soldier that is not practicing how to use his gun, what kind of military are you going to have?

Watch the video: