My name is Eguavoen Matthew Imuetiyan, a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt. I am from Edo State Nigeria.

I am a Portrait Artist. Art was just a hobby in my final year, 2013, until I started selling my works in 2014.

Engineering was my dad’s idea, even though I spent 5 years studying Civil Engineering and graduated with a 2.1, I never really saw myself practicing, it is one of the reasons I practiced really hard while I was cultivating portrait drawing as a hobby.


I love the expression of happiness on people’s face when they get a portrait drawing of themselves.

My message to Nigerian youth:

1) “Practice makes perfect”. A mentor of mine told me this when I was only doing portrait art as a hobby. I stood by that phrase. In other words, work hard at what you do.

2) Don’t compare yourself with other people. 99% of the time it is a joy killer which in turn hinders your progress. Enjoy your journey

3) Keep doing everything right and trust Gods timing.

The government is not designed to provide everyone with employment, the earlier you knew this, the better. A skill is the plan B for people without talent, if you have talent, develop it. If you don’t have any talent, learn a skill.



You can contact Eguavoen Matthew Imuetiyan on:

Twitter/IG: @Badt_Boi_


Tel: +2347084448185