Eating Out In Enugu


Enugu State is a state in the Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered to the north by the states of Benue and Kogi, Ebonyi State to the east and southeast, Abia State to the south, and Anambra State to the west. The state takes its name from its capital and largest city, Enugu

What to eat is arguably the most important question on the mind of every traveller or visitor. Whether you plan to be here for a long time or you are just passing through, there is the chance that you have thought about it – where to eat in Enugu? It is undeniable that we all need food to get us going and we can search the earth to fulfil the hunger desire.

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That said, if you are in Enugu, you don’t need to worry about what to eat or where to eat. Enugu is considered the haven of Igbo foods; the variety of delicacies adds to the rich history of Enugu. You definitely cannot run out of ideas on what to eat.

Enugu City is home to local delicacies that you certainly want to try. For the best experience, eating at the regular “mama puts” is highly advised, especially if you are also trying to save cost on your travel.

There are several numbers of restaurants, bars, and mama put in this part of Nigeria. One signpost you are certainly going to see more often as you stay in the city is FOOD IS READY. What this means is that you get to eat some of the popular food you have seen on television or heard people talk about like Oha Soup, Okpa, Abacha, Ugba, PepperSsoup, Fiofio, Ofe Akwu, Nkwobi, and Ukwa among others.

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The list doesn’t do justice to all the foods in the state because there are more local delicacies to try if you are looking for something new. There are, however, some foods you cannot just come across in Enugu. They are not just foods but ways of life. Examples of such foods are Okpa, Abacha, Pepper soup and Nkwobi.

The two most common foods in Enugu are Okpa and Abacha, while the latter is also known as African salad. 9th Mile Corner in Ngwo is acclaimed to be the go-to place for the best Okpa in the state.

Now you know what to eat wherever you find yourself in Enugu as compiled by Naijassador.


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