A Twitter user has narrated how a man sponsored a lady through the university, rented an apartment and bought a car for her only to be dumped for a rewire.

Read Full Gist Below:

“So my guy here fell in love with this laiskin babe January 2017 and they had been dating ever since then. Man got her admission in a polytechnic and paid her fees althrough, feeding, accomodation and whatnot. Girl graduated and man bought her a Toyota Corolla. All these while babe insisted on no sex before marriage and man respected that. Just kisses, pressing of big brezz and little bonuses here and there, as per trial version na.

December last year baba moved her to a 2 bedroom flat and paid 2 years upfront. December 22nd, babe “travelled home. “to see her parents”. Baba anticipated her return but her lines weren’t going through “maybe cos it was in the village and no network”. Kashimawo. “Whatsapp messages not delivering”. But as a good pal, i didn’t want to make any “assumptions” or rock any boat, so i pack.

Now, baba as a patient man, waited in trusting anticipation for her arrival.

So as at last week, long story short, these were our findings:

Baba saw her intro pics on her ex roommate’s WhatsApp status. Mogbe!
Mama was already 3 months pregnant as at intro. Moku!
Aunty changed all her numbers, sold the car and used the proceeds to finance the marriage. Modaran!
Baba went to the house he rented for her and found out aunty leased out house to another person at cut price and took the bounty.
Hubby is a REWIRE.
Baba was not even invited to eat small jollof rice with fanta or viju milk.
Aunty has told baba to move on that she never asked for any of those gifts.
Baba is still confused as i type.