Meet Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, a Family Physician with a special interest in Primary Care Paediatrics and Public Health. He is also a Medical Missions Coordinator having co-ordinated well over 100 medical missions since 2005 for religious, political and corporate organizations

With this passion, he founded the Better Life Medical Missions in 2007.

Having obtained his medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Lagos in 2002, he has since proceeded to acquire more degrees just in a bid to be grounded in the field and remain relevant with his passion.

His passion, Better Life Medical Mission (BLMM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the sole mission of providing qualitative and quantitative healthcare and hope to the poor and the less privileged in the rural areas of Nigeria and Africa through volunteerism.

The service is targeted towards the have-nots and the underserved ones in the society. This includes those in the rural and semi-urban parts who cannot afford the cost of medical care and are dying from preventable diseases. It is also known as ‘Medical Mission of Hope’ because it also serves to meet the spiritual needs of those they meet.

Asked about what keeps him going with this uncommon passion, he says ‘God is my inspiration’. Another thing that keeps him going is the numerous ‘Thank you’ he gets from people he has come across. He says he gets more than 10 ‘Thank you’ messages daily.

When asked about what his success factors are, he says things that he can attribute the success of his Mission to are Passion, Spirit of volunteerism and Diligence.

His message to readers and youths is that they should develop spirit of volunteerism and to follow the principle of Michelle Obama who said ‘Success is not about the money you make but the difference you make in somebody’s life’.

Dr Adesanya can be reached on:

Dr Rotimi Adesanya

Better life Medical Mission,,

08037202050, 08186549147