Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo, for the umpteenth time, has threatened to deal with Mohammadu Buhari if the president-elect chooses to imbibe a Pharaoh like regime when he assumes office on May 29.

Dokubo Threatens To Deal With Buhari

The ex-warlord also dismissed fears that Buhari could send any one to jail, saying the president-elect does not have the power to imprison anybody.

Dokubo, who was taking a swipe at a Buhari supporter, Mohammed Kabir Ibrahim, on his Facebook page, made reference to a biblical allusion when he threatened to deal with Buhari in a Moses like manner if Buhari  adopts a Pharaoh like regime.

He said: Mohammed Kabir Ibrahim your Buhari does not have that power to send any body to prison….get that into your piggy skull and nobody is afraid of him….We are waiting for him….following the example of GEAJ does not make us cowards….If he Buhari wants to be a Pharaoh….then he will find a Moses in me.

This is not the first time Asari Dokubo will be uttering such threatening statement, following the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan in the March 28 presidential election, Dokubo said he and other militants may be forced to return to the creeks.

The ex-militant had also in January said he and his colleagues would wreak havoc if Jonathan lost the election.

While Asari Dokubo has maintained a defiant disposition towards Buhari, other ex-militants have promised to cooperate with the incoming administration.

They have however pleaded with Buhari not to discontinue the amnesty programme of the Federal government, saying their support for him depends on the sustainability of the programme.