DO You Agree?? Tinubu Deserves To Emerge President In 2023, Says Fasoranti


Elder Statesman and former Leader of a socio-political group, Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, has expressed support for the presidential ambition of the APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu.

Fasoranti stated this while receiving members of the South West Agenda for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (SWAGA 23), who paid him a courtesy visit in his country home in Akure.

“Tinubu has all it takes to rule Nigeria. Considering his activities and track record, he deserves to be President, come 2023.

“May his prayers be answered. When he gets there, he will do all we want,” he said.

He stated that with Tinubu as president, all the prayers of Afenifere for Nigeria will be answered, particularly on the issue of restructuring and federalism.


  1. Purely logical in view of his patience, efforts to see the present govt through especially the opportunity he offered the present president in achieving his life ambition.

    Based on this premise there is no equation to equate him out of that position come 2023 otherwise the gods that saw APC through 2015 and 2019 will riot.

    On the other hand the present govt under his tutorial ship drifted away considerably in uniting the nation – though may not be intentional cos the Buhari l am seeing today is not the Buhari we all know though may be exempted a bit cos appointed competent and qualified men and women under the leadership of late Kyari – a first class law graduate who dwell authoritatively in the Business world as the MD of the present global Bank UBA Plc but allowed politics to eat deep into the affairs of the nation hence the good intentions of the president was skewed into one sided appointments thereby making us the observers to see this government as entirely Fulani government worsened with the current overwhelming attitude of the Herdsmen given room to tribal secession.

    Igbo presidency – where will this lead us if Tinubu is finally endorsed based on his seen endurance, fasting and prayers by making seen leaders believing that self sacrifice will open doors for him and obviously should open doors and must open doors for him for that seat of Presidency.

    Mine is for APC government not to close their eyes on the current agitation of Biafra Republic cos it is the bone on the neck of this government that does not listen to advise.

    General Danjuna ran to Asorock to plead that Biafra agitation must not be threated with force cos as a seasoned soldiers Nigeria will not survive another war moreso Boko haram in the Northeast has not been contained how much more a more sophisticated one brewing up at the East in the name of secession saying dialogue is the answer and many of us know that Dajuma is a no nonsense General hence not a politician.

    What has government done with that advise from such a professional elderly statesman and what is happening as we speak?

    Therefore if Tinubu wants to be the next President come 2023 – let him not take the issue of what the lgbos’ will do for granted cos he has to change his present guard and seek the lgbos including getting the present govt he installed to look for Igbo appeasements otherwise agitation beyond the seen individualistic stupidity of the current lgbo politician.

    An average lgbo man has nothing to gain specially for an lgbo man becoming the next President.

    Biafra Republic is more important to an a average lgbo man than Nigerian Presidency.

    Therefore let Tinubu work out a better alternative than the Republic of Biafra with Buhari first for the lgbos before 2023 then we the lgbos will support him cos he is better than any Southeast and South South politician minus Abaribe and Peter Obi.

    The rest are bunch of selfish elements. They don’t even help their family members therefore l will vote for Tinubu if he moves head long to sort the generality of lgbo populace out otherwise the struggle for the actualization of Biafra Republic continues.

    Thank you


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