Do You Agree?? Many Laws In Nigeria Are Dead Letters – Senator Ajibola Basiru


Ajibola Basiru, senator representing Osun central and spokesperson of the senate, says many laws in the country are “dead letters”.

Speaking on a live social media programme – Politics Everywhere With SOK – Basiru, said Nigeria needs to declare a state of emergency on its laws.

According to the lawmaker, poor funding has hindered the reworking of these obsolete laws.

“It tells us that largely we need to declare a state of emergency on the laws of Nigeria. Most of our laws have become what they call dead letters because they are no longer useful,” the senator said in a statement.

“We know that by Section 5 of the Nigerian Law Reforms Commission Law, the commission is saddled with ensuring dynamic amendment of our laws.

“But largely because of funding, and may be lack of commitment to it, the commission has been largely in limbo.

“So, you would agree with me that we need to declare a state of emergency in terms of our laws. But then, you see there has to be a relationship between the executive and the legislature.

“I want to enjoin the attorney-general of the federation and the Law Reform Commission and particularly the executive to take the issue of some of our laws reform very serious.”


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