DISCUSSION: Are Nigerians too critical of President Buhari?


    It is a new year but events in Nigeria seem to look like a carryover from 2017. From Boko haram isolated bomb blasts in the North East to January mass killings in Rivers state.

    From the hydra-headed fuel scarcity which has refused to abate despite the assurances given by everyone concerned from the President to the NNPC Chief to the perennial power outages. Latest is the Benue killings.

    In these, there are still very optimistic assurances from the President himself that things will get better. President Buhari has continued to assure Nigerians that all these sufferings and setbacks will soon become a thing f the past. Vice-president Osinbajo has also taken to the streets (whenever he can) to talk directly to the citizens, reiterating the President’s hope for the people.

    Despite the achievements of the administration and assurances, the citizens are still not satisfied. They feel short-changed. They feel the presidency is not doing enough. They feel disappointed.

    Do you think they are right that Buhari is not doing enough or they just being overtly and unnecessarily critical of a President who needs time to clear the mess he met?

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