DAVIDO: I Was Unaware Of My Family’s Wealth Till I Was 13


An explosion had occurred, causing damage to their residence and prompting them to swiftly relocate to a new, lavish property.

Reflecting on this incident, Davido recalled the moment of realization.

He said;

“As much money that I have been seeing, all these rich this, rich that. My dad is very disciplined. I ain’t know we had money till I was 13.”

He further elaborated;

“My dad was a billionaire driving a Honda Accord. Let me tell you how I knew he was lit. So, there was an explosion and a lot of houses got destroyed, including our first house that we have been since when I was a kid. When that happened, we had to leave that day because the house got so f*cked up.”

Continuing his narrative, Davido revealed how his mother informed him about their new residence after the incident.

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He expressed his astonishment when they arrived at a grand mansion in another part of town that his father had been secretly building.

The size and opulence of the new house made Davido realize the extent of his family’s wealth.

He shared;

“We started driving, when he got there, it was mad. Big crib. He still stays there now. I was like, mummy, what’s going on? That was when I started realizing that my dad was rich”.