Chihuahua Bites Woman’s Eyelid Off After She Got Lashes Done (Graphic Photos)


Kelsey Salmon's trip to get her eyelashes done ended in the worst possible way … with a little dog attacking her and biting off the finished product, along with her entire left eyelid!!!

The photos are brutal — that's a warning for the queasy — but not as brutal as the experience the 23-year-old from Atlanta has been through since going to a lab technician she found on Instagram.

According to Kelsey … her normal lash lady was booked, so she went to a lash tech who worked out of her home … and had a pet chihuahua.

Kelsey says the dog jumped up on her lash bed while she was getting her lashes done, she was petting it … and everything was fine. But, when she was done, she says she sat up and the dog was on the floor looking up at her.

“Then, out of nowhere — it happened so fast that I didn't have time to pull back — he jumped up, bit me in the face and broke my eyelid off.”

See graphic photos below:


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