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As General Buhari prepares to launch his Presidential campaign one wonders why is Buhari going down this road once again.
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again in the same way and expecting a different result”…Albert Einstein.
Buhari has repeatedly cast his hat in the ring in a bid to attain the highest office in Nigeria and has failed at each hurdle. And despite the failure, he still repeats the same mistakes that fuelled his downfall. One truly wonders what kind of advisors surround the General painting a picturesque fools paradise that has him winning an election to be President of Nigeria when in reality he is only doomed to fail once more

At a ripe age of 70yrs+ with his best years behind him, it is puzzling to see the dynamics fuelling the fourth attempt at the Presidency by the former head of state.

Such action will only send celebrations in the camp of the PDP, for they can afford to pop champagne and celebrate another victory with four more years for the man from Otuoke without breaking sweat, even before the first ballot is cast.

President Goodluck Jonathan is a vulnerable president whose score card reads a retinue of excuses that frivolously explains away his failure to deliver the dividends of democracy to the majority of Nigerians amidst the rise of a cabal that is feeding fat on the commonwealth.

Alas a strong appealing candiadate would most likely trounce him in a free and fair election but alas Buhari is not built in the mould of such a person.
Buhari still remains a controversial and divisive figure who is vilified in the South but enjoys hero worship in the North. In the midst of such, his candidature will only heighten suspicion that he is desperate for power amidst an agenda to build a Nigeria that will lean towards his religious beliefs.

This is the common refrain in the South and since the last election cycle Buhari has done nothing to dispel this belief. The propaganda that he is a Boko Haram sympathiser and stalwart of a religiously bigoted party is still raging in the minds of many which plays into the hands of the incumbent.
Why field a candidate that courts controversy like stale vintage wine when more veritable  options exist?

Buhari will not be rule Nigeria again. That is a fact that the general is oblivious to. There is a retinue of prominent Nigerians who are prepared to scuttle a Buhari Presidency with even their dying breath. Such persons cannot be triffled with for it is fool hardy for a candidate to upset their interests outside the corridors of power.

General Buhari is not the messiah that will rescue Nigeria from the clutches of evil. His inability to unite Nigerians under a banner of hope underscores his deficient status.

The only way to wrestle the Presidency from a powerful desperate incumbent is to field a popular Christian Southern candidate which will dispell the notion that APC is a sectarian party.

In politics personal interests should be sacrificed for the greater good. Buhari is not an acceptable character for President to most Nigerians thus he should step aside to build the front as the king maker. His days as the Head of State are gone for good. There is no permutation possible that will usher his return to the corridors of power and the sooner he wakes up and smells the roses the better.
Buhari will never be President of Nigeria again, one doesn’t need to be a clairvoyant or soothsayer to predict this. It must be impressed on him to shelve this ambition for the greater good. Goodluck is not the best Nigeria has to offer hence the onus is on the opposition to raise a more credible candidate. Buhari is just not credible enough.
Article written by 
Dr Attah Essien
Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
University of Uyo Teaching Hospital,
Akwa Ibom State.\