BREAKFAST: Rema And His Alleged Girlfriend Diana Eneje End Their Relationship


A recent development shows that all is not well between popular Nigerian singer Rema and his alleged girlfriend, Diana Eneje.

Recall that Diana Eneji who is a model was one of the young people who were in Rema’s hit song “Dumebi” music vide, in fact, she was the love interest in that video.

For many years since that video, people have always speculated that she and Rema were romantically linked.

There romantic display as well as their photos and videos making the rounds online makes some people to assert that Diana Eneje is Rema’s girlfriend.

Although, during an interview that hits the internet, Diana speaks about dating Rema who has turned to one of the biggest Afrobeats produce with billions of streams due to his hit songs.

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She said her and Rema were friends and they are cool together at the moment. Diana response sparks reactions as many people claimed that something is fishy.

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