” Why can’t I go clubbing like everyone else?”

” Why can’t I gulp in alcohol like my fellows? ”

Oh my God, what’s wrong with having a girlfriend or a side chick to suit my nerves?

Gosh! Even that citrate meant to warm me up in cold times has been prohibited.

Do even those small lies count, why?

Ah! Even pilfering has an eternal punishment.

But I thought I gave my life up to be free, to have everlasting Joy with zero worries.

Have I been scammed?

Did that gentle fellow lie to me?

Oh no it can’t be; He cannot do such a despicable thing… His eyes speak so much of His innocence.

But come to think of it

I’ve known peace since I muttered those few lines of words.

I feel weightless and free

Indeed, I’ve changed, I find it disgusting to go back to my vomit

Oh, now I get it,

those heavy and painful shackles we’re taken off replaced with lighter one clung to the same person I gave my life.

Well, I feel a bit secure since I’m not the only one in chains.

Oh, now I get,

those chains were meant to represent discipline!

Going astray won’t even be possible.

Unlike the former path with Him, this path seems kind of easy though not completely (sincerely speaking).

Now I know I’m not misled cos our destination appears to be shining with ravishing glory.

Hmmm, He loves me too much to watch me go astray, hence the lighter shackles.

Kai!  Indeed, this is bonded freedom, all working together for my good!

Giving my life to Christ is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

What about you, have you given Him your life? If not give Him a try, I bet, you won’t regret it.

Well, that’s me giving a testimony of my salvation, being saved from sin and guilt is one of the best things that have happened to me. Well, the whole idea of “bonded freedom”, be illustrated with that of a horse tied to a stand with a rope with quite a long length. Whereas it can move freely and about, it can only do so not exceeding the length of its rope with it been tied, yes, this horse can move back and forth, left right, and center, but not exceeding the length of the rope with which it been tied with.

Many times, we discover that as believers (this post is made for the saved), we can’t move freely and about as we ought to, I mean you can’t act, do, or say freely as you ought to because there are laid down boundaries and terminals, with which we can’t exceed.

Well, having the heart of flesh and the flesh itself, which is of the nature of sin, then it becomes tiring and difficult, but with the help of God’s precious gift to mankind; the Holy Spirit, all things are for sure possible, cause this Spirit of God comes to help our weaknesses, helping to make us firm and disciplined in obeying and carrying out the will of the father.

So, the whole essence of this write-up is to let you know what it means to be saved, yeah though free but restricted from some things, acts, and behaviors.

Permit me to use another illustration of a notorious criminal, who is caught and jailed for his obnoxious activities and crimes. Now imagine that criminal being “arrested” and put in prison, yeah, the prison a possibly a different world of its own, more like a world different from the real world, in that world of prisoners, they are permitted to move about in the prison, they are been given the privilege to eat, bath, have fun like playing games and the rest, but in all these, there are restrictions to how far they can go, and how freely they can move.

Yeah, these prisoners can be free in prison, but then bonded in the sense that they can’t do what normal people are doing like going to work, having a family, attending weddings and parties of loved ones, visiting and chatting with friends, going to work and having meaningful conversations with colleagues, building yourself and your home, getting a raise at work, advancing in your career, buying a car, buying a car, amongst many others a prisoner is bonded and restricted from these things!

I don’t want you to see a Christian as a prisoner, but as one who was once a sinner, got “arrested”, was saved, and then kept in the sheepfold, to be looked at and watched by the Shepard, thereby giving him access to other sheep like himself, now this is what I call ” bonded freedom”, I hope the whole thing is clear now.

So yeah, you can be saved, but then bonded

You can be free but then, restricted!

To your continual development, keep shining!


Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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