So What is Big About Big Brother?



                        First and foremost, let me say that this article is not to diss Big Brother or his owners. If you ask me, I think they are really doing a ‘good’ job of making the Nigerian youths forget all trending national issues or problems they have and get them to stay glued to their TV screens almost 24 hours a day. I give it to them.

                       Now, back to the matter. What is really big about Big Brother? The show has turned many of our young men and women into voyeurs, trying to seek out romantic scenes and ‘current tapping’ actions.

                      The other day, a guy was comforting a lady. I really do not know what did more comforting, the hand patting her back or his erect ‘kpaks’ poking her thigh. There is also a trending video of a guy who tried to get up after talking to his liv interest and lo and behold, oga John Thomas sef don wake up. All over the place are ‘kpaks’ and ‘boobies’.

                      Well, for all it is worth, I think the big brother show is an avenue to make people come together, appreciate themselves and live that way. See the differences in people and work with them in a harmonious way to bring out the best in two completely different people. It also helps in carefully making decisive decisions that may help or harm them.

                     The ‘political' alignment towards winning the grand prize of N45m will only work well for one person and that person will be the eventual winner. So it teaches them to align and ‘fall in love’ with sense.

On the flip side, Mr. Big Brother may want to pass iron pants and bras to the housemates to reduce exposure.

I wish them all the very best.

Jude Eze.


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