Beyonce Worshipper Sacrifices Life For Singer



Wonders, they say, shall never end in this world; that is the only way to describe how a 23 years old lady, Taniya Hattersfield, killed herself as a sacrifice to music star, Beyonce Knowles, who is worshipped by a group of people.

They even have a church called National Church of Bey, where they practice a religion called Beyism.

The Church was founded to worship the R&B star, Beyoncé,with hundreds of members who call themselves Divine Divas and see Beyoncé’s music as a very sacred text.

The founder of the National Church of Bey, has defended the church, and says Beyoncé is lord and saviour.

According to a report in the American media, Taniya, of College Park, GA, who was a new member of the church, was found in a pool of her own blood in the basement of her family home, at the steps of a home-made shrine to singer Beyoncé, where she was surrounded by hundreds of candles and a suicide note she had written stuffed behind her pocket.

In the suicide note, Taniya wrote that she made herself a sacrifice to her Beyonce, ‘lord and saviour’.

Her father is reported to have said that does not consider her his daughter anymore, that his own offspring would never worship any singer.

He said just because him and her mother ‘had a good time one Friday night don’t make her my daughter.’

Meanwhile, rage has consumed lots of people over the National Church of Bey, and many people have called for Beyoncé to speak out against the new religion, but not one single word has come out of Beyoncé mouth.


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