Getting married to someone who loves and cherishes you is one of the best things in life as people look forward to spending the rest of their lives together with their heart robs. Nigeria has witnessed many on-screen romances blossom into real-life love stories, and the beautiful union of Lateef Adedimeji and Mo Bimpe sits firmly amongst the most cherished. Their journey, from co-stars to soulmates, has captured the hearts of fans and continues to inspire with its genuineness and warmth.

Despite initial reservations from some quarters, their love persevered. Lateef and Mo Bimpe tackled societal and religious differences head-on, prioritizing mutual understanding and respect. Their open communication and commitment to their values became the cornerstones of their relationship.

Their beautiful union was officially sealed in December 2021 with a well-attended traditional wedding and white wedding ceremony. Filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt vows, the celebrations were a testament to their strong bond and the unwavering support of their families and friends.

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Both Lateef and Mo Bimpe have spoken openly about the positive impact their marriage has had on their lives and careers. They celebrate each other’s achievements, offer unwavering support, and navigate challenges together. Their shared passion for the arts fosters a unique understanding and respect within their partnership.

They haven’t shied away from sharing glimpses of their happy marriage with the public. From playful social media posts to candid interviews, they offer fans a peek into their genuine connection, inspiring many with their love story.

Before they eventually got married, Lateef confirmed that there were forces within and outside the movie industry that insisted their marriage would not work, pointing out that he and his wife decided to stick together against all odds as they became close to each other.

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Speaking about the experience of being married to her, Lateef said “She’s the best thing that has happened to me.

We have been learning and unlearning on the journey. I am excited about her and she loves me deeply as well he says. This helps us to get along and overlook shortcomings. I am glad I too the decision to marry her.

Let’s not forget her experience with trolls as Mo Bimpe recounted her experience with a certain female troll who asked her husband to take her (the troll) as his second wife.

Mo Bimpe said,

“Trolls don’t have a happy life. They are not happy; they are sad and they don’t have anything to do. Besides, they are miserable; they just want to talk and they just want other people to be sad like them. This girl came on my (Instagram) page to ask, ‘When are you giving birth?’ A lot of people came at her; they attacked her and she attacked them back.

“Then, she went to my husband’s page the following day to tell him to marry her as a second wife. My fans sent me the message, saying this same girl, who was causing trouble on my page the day before, was now in my husband’s comment section. I now decided to talk about the issue. People can be crazy.”

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Their marriage keeps waxing strong with the passing of each day as Mo Bimpe gifted her husband with forty gift boxes on his fortieth birthday some days back.

Naijassador uses this opportunity to wish Lateef a happy birthday.


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