I used to have a mathematics teacher in J.S 2. His name was Mr Ajibola (Popularly known as Baba Maths). He was quite elderly so imagine an elderly man trying to teach some rascals mathematics.

There were four tests and a final exam per term. Each test had a score of 10 (total of 40) and the exam was 60 to make a cumulative of 100 for the term.

After each test, Mr Ajibola comes to the class, asks for a chair, sits in front of the class, opens his register and starts to call everyone by their full names and scores. However, the significance of this was usually seen after the second and third tests. He goes like, ’John Doe, first test 1, second test, 3.5…Wait o, you have improved o. Third test, 5. Hmm…you are doing well oooo …….very good improvement, a round of applause for John…… At this point, we all bust out laughing and clapping or he goes like, ‘Mary Samson…..first test 2…. second test 3….third test 3.5….you are improving o. I am sure in the next test you will get 7. A round of applause for Mary’.

The import of this is that as far as Mr Ajibola was concerned, while passing was important, improving on a previous score was very critical. Improving on one’s past achievements and scores were very important to him. No matter how insignificant the margin of success was, it was still something to be celebrated.

Ladies and gentlemen, in life we must improve on our previous successes. We cannot afford to remand stagnant. Even if we improve by 1%, it is a movement in the right direction, worth celebrating and should be enough impetus to aim for more. We can only get better. In the pidgin parlance, we say ‘at all, at all na him bad pass’ . I have seen and experienced sales go from 1% to 30% to 100% and to even 300%. All it takes is improving how one works at it. 

This year, choose what you want to improve upon, set your targets and aim. Be it in your job, your finances, relationships, vocation. I do not want to meet you where I left you. YOU MUST SUCCEED.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

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