B-Red: I Did Six Jobs At Once In U.S to Survive


Nigerian singer, Adebayo Adeleke aka B-Red has opened up on how he survived in America.

According to him, he once worked as a chef in the United States of America.

He added that there was a time he took six jobs at once in the US to make ends meet.

B-Red, who is the son of the Osun State governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke, disclosed this in a recent interview with Naija FM, Lagos.

The ‘Cucumber’ crooner said his family didn’t support him financially because they were against his decision to do music.

He said, “I have had a lot of jobs in America. I’m a chef too.

“In America, at my brother’s university; Georgia Perimeter College, I used to be a chef from 6 a.m. in the morning to 7 p.m. at night. My manager was a Chinese guy. His name was Joe.

“I lied on my application because in that job, you need to have a culinary arts degree. They [the management] said, “Do you have a degree?” I said yes because I need the kpa [money].

“My skills were too good. So, at the end of the two, three months, they will ask for your degree. But they never asked me because my skills were too good.”

He continued, “I had six jobs at once, bro. Because my family didn’t want us to do music, we had to hustle. Sometimes, my brother, Shina Rambo and I even sell CDs.”


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