An Igbo Man’s Ideal Wife


Ndi Igbo and non-Igbos Kwenu! It’s time to talk about those delicious-looking, cute and mostly flawless-skinned Igbo men. Yes! Those men who know how to love a woman from the moon and back. But in all this, these men have high standards for women before they marry them. Get ready because, in this article from Naijassador, you are going to learn how to catch that Igbo fish you’ve set your eyes on.

When it comes to marriage most Igbo men have a stereotype. But as times are changing and minds are upgrading a few of those stereotypes are being flushed out of society. Igbo people are known to be one of the most hardworking tribes in Nigeria and it is no surprise that they are one of the richest in the country.

A few of these qualities include:


Pride and ego are common traits among men, and it’s not going away anytime soon. So, men generally love a woman who is submissive both in their private home and in public. Igbo men love it differently.

Igbo men pride themselves on being able to provide for their families. So, they enjoy it when their wives are submissive. Just like in Nigerian movies, whenever the wife is submissive, her husband loves her differently. The Igbos see women who talk back to their husbands as disrespectful and un-mannered, so being submissive shows that a woman respects her husband. Plus, it also shows that she is cultured.

A good cook

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. One of the things that gets to a man is a woman who cooks very well. For Igbo men, it’s a woman that knows how to cook their local delicacies like, Ofe Nsala, Ofe Egusi, Ofe Onubo, Ofe Akwu, Ofe Okro. Knowing how to cook these soups is how to attract them, but knowing how to garnish them with stock fish, dry fish, Kpomo, fresh meat, etc, is how to trap them. Igbo people don’t joke with food.


Igbo men and diligence are like 5&6. One thing an Igbo man will never turn his eye away from is hard work. Igbo men love a woman who is hardworking and diligent. It shows that the woman is someone they can build with. Not someone who ‘s going to suck them dry and run away. No man wants a gold digger.


Igbo men love a loyal woman. One thing Igbo people can’t tolerate is a cheating woman. It is seen as one of the biggest taboos in the Igbo culture.


This is something that can never be overemphasised. It shows that a woman knows her worth and she isn’t someone to be toyed with. Igbo men love a woman who can carry herself. A woman who knows she’s worth a million dollars, yes! A million dollars.

It gives them the pride that their woman is a woman of class and worth. It’s a common thing in Nigeria that somebody will always know somebody who knows you down to your family background. So, if they can testify to a lady being classy, chaste and well-reserved. Then it’s a big plus for her.

Sexual intimacy

This is a common feature amongst men to always want their wives to be sexually appealing. But Igbo men love it when their wife not only knows how to cook and take care of the kids. But also knows a thing or two on the other side of marriage.

Not all Igbo men consider these few traits as good enough. Everybody differs, from thoughts to actions, likes and dislikes. Generalising these traits to all Igbo men would be stereotyping them. So, the best thing to do is to study the man you have your eyes on and get to know what he considers wife material.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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