Adekunle Gold Shares Powerful Message Of Hope For People Battling Sickle Cell Anaemia

Adekunle Gold

Nigerian Afrobeats star Adekunle Gold, known for his smooth vocals and catchy melodies, has used his platform to share a powerful message of hope and encouragement for individuals battling sickle cell anaemia, a condition he has lived with since birth.

In a recent performance, he acknowledged the challenges faced by those living with the disease, but also emphasized his success as a global performer, demonstrating that the condition does not have to define or limit them. He shared his journey, including overcoming misconceptions and navigating limited access to healthcare, which resonated deeply with many fans.

Gold’s message centred around resilience and determination. He urged individuals not to let their illness define them or hinder their dreams. He highlighted his perseverance, stating, “I am a rockstar, yet I have sickle cell disease. It’s not easy, but if I can overcome my challenges, so can you.” He encouraged them to “believe in yourself and strive for greatness,” offering inspiration and hope to those battling the condition.

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As observed by Naijassador, this act of openness not only empowers individuals struggling with sickle cell anaemia but also raises awareness about the disease and combats the stigma often associated with it. Gold’s message serves as a reminder that with resilience, support, and access to proper healthcare, individuals with sickle cell anaemia can achieve their full potential and live fulfilling lives.

Who is Adekunle Gold?

Adekunle Gold, the Nigerian singer-songwriter known for his smooth vocals and captivating melodies, has carved his path in the Afrobeats scene. His musical journey, however, began with a surprising twist, highlighting his versatility and unwavering passion for music.

Early Beginnings

Born Adekunle Almoruf Kosoko in 1987, his initial career aspirations lay in the realm of graphic design. However, music constantly resonated with him, leading him to explore various instruments and hone his songwriting skills. In 2014, his life took an unexpected turn when he released a highlife cover of One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” titled “Sade.” The song’s success went viral, propelling him into the spotlight and showcasing his unique ability to blend contemporary sounds with classic influences.

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Signing with YBNL and Debut Album

The success of “Sade” caught the attention of legendary Nigerian musician Olamide, who signed Adekunle Gold to his record label, YBNL Nation. With YBNL’s support, the singer released his debut album, “Gold,” in 2015. The album, a blend of Afrobeats, highlife, and pop influences, garnered critical acclaim and established him as a rising star in the Nigerian music industry.

Building his own “The 79th Element”

Following the expiration of his contract with YBNL, he ventured out independently, forming his band, “The 79th Element,” a symbolic reference to the atomic number of gold. This move marked his creative independence and allowed him to further explore his artistic vision.

Over the years, Adekunle Gold has released several successful albums, including “Catch Me If You Can” (2017), “Afro Pop Vol. 1” (2020), and most recently, “Catch Me If You Can (Deluxe Edition)” in 2023. He has collaborated with various artists like Simi (his wife), Davido, and Patoranking, further solidifying his place in the industry. His music has transcended borders, gaining him recognition on a global scale, with him performing at international concerts and festivals.

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Beyond Music

Adekunle Gold’s influence extends beyond music. He is a role model for aspiring musicians, known for his dedication to his craft and his genuine personality. He is also an advocate for social issues, raising awareness about sickle cell disease, a condition he lives with, and inspiring others to embrace their differences.


Adekunle Gold is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and defying expectations. From his unexpected musical beginnings to his current standing as a global Afrobeats star, his journey continues to inspire and his music continues to resonate with listeners worldwide.


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