Adebisi Adeniji: A First Class Event Planner.


Adebisi Adeniji is a communication and Language Arts graduate from the University of Ibadan who runs ElPosh Events, an event planning, and coordination firm that she started in her third year at the University of Ibadan. Her words, “I initially started with a Hostesses/Ushering firm but after my graduation delved into full-time planning”.



Well, I started the business basically to be self-sufficient while in school and also be self-employed thereafter. Looking at the situation of the country currently, it is really hard to get a job and even if you do it may not give you the fulfillment you yearn for hence my decision. By the grace of God, I was able to see myself through school and also take care of other needs, till date I am proud to say my business is my only source of income as a young person and it can only get better.


Why Events Planning?

 Before I ventured into business as an undergraduate I had worked as a Campus Ambassador for various Multinationals.  One of my duties as a Campus Ambassador was to organize activations and plan shows, the fulfillment I feel after every successful project is one that I cannot put a price on hence my decision.  Having an educational background in Communication and interpersonal relationship also influenced my decision a lot, I wanted a career where my creativity will be optimally maximized and event planning just does that for me.


I faced and am still facing the same challenges young entrepreneurs’ face which is getting the big break but with time I have been able to prove to my clients that I am as capable as every other big name in the events planning industry, I get referrals from my old clients from time to time as well.

Success Factors:

My success factors are perseverance, which has helped me remain steadfast through thick and thin because running a business is really challenging, diligence and believing in myself.


Words to other budding entrepreneurs:

If you have a dream, believe in it and believe in yourself. Also, consistency at what you do will help you go a long way.           

For your first class event planning, contact ElPosh Events on IG: @elposh_events and Phone number 08189485263



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