Addicted to Growth


The word addiction isn’t negative, it’s an English word and its meaning and importance are dependent on the next word it is attached to. Attaching to a word like “Growth”, not only makes it beautiful but awesome, because who doesn’t want to grow? Absolutely no one!

In as much as growth is a craving desire of many, not many are undergoing this process, and guess what, if you aren’t growing, you’re deteriorating, ” deteriorating” not in its literal meaning but growing amiss, this brings us to the fact that everyone is growing and the way and pattern you grow is dependent on that which you choose for yourself

The growth process is a two-way thing, having established that everyone is growing, you’re either doing so uprightly or growing amiss. My goal is that you find out how to grow up rightly, know when growing amiss and avoid it. Then get addicted to growing the right way.

In as much as a lot of factors need to be put in place to determine the growth spontaneity of any living matter, you must understand that growing uprightly is your decision to make, not only is it a life-changing decision, it’s also the best decision you will ever make because it benefits are even beyond this planet in which we live and breed in.

One goal of this article by Naijassador is that you come to the understanding of the importance of growth, not just in a particular sphere, but in every sphere and area of your life.

My life is a living testament of growth, I have watched myself move from being a nonentity to someone sensible, a young man of my age in my early twenties has the mind that of a 50-year-old man cause of the level of commitment I’ve had on myself to grow. This article isn’t just any kind of article, but one that has a recording of how I’ve walked myself intentionally to grow, from reading and accumulating a good number of pieces of knowledge to implementing it. Our goal at Naijassador is that as you read the last lines of this article, you become addicted to growth, that’s the best addiction ever.

Have you ever wondered why a seed, for instance, a mango seed, being buried in the soil, undergoing some processes, somehow becomes rotten and then sprouts out, bringing out that plump which later becomes a plant, then gradually grows to become a tree. This tree now develops branches, comes up with vegetation, and then begins to bear fruit which has a seed that has the same potential to repeat the same process. Mind you, it all started from a seed!

I call the above JOURNEY, a process, yes, a process. Now you must understand that growth is a journey and then a process, it takes time and patience to fully become fruitful. Imagine that mango seed omitting the sprouting period, then just comes up with a tree, well, that can’t even be possible.

Growth is a process and demands time, and patience for its fruit to come out, every process cannot be omitted, it will happen at the detriment of your life which might take a long while to be fixed, or it becomes completely damaged.

Go ahead and follow due processes!


The need to go down, before coming up.

You would agree with me that, every seed that grows up, first goes down (I’ll be using the plant analogy more often because it resonates perfectly well with the theme of this article). You don’t just place a seed on a surface and expect it to germinate soil is needed as a medium to insert it in to grow.

Growth doesn’t occur, except a medium is made available suitable for it to grow before it does.

You won’t grow in the wrong environment, you won’t produce or become fruitful in the wrong surroundings. Every seed species has a particular place for better productivity. Temperate (Cold) seed types, grow in temperate regions alone. Tropical(hot) seed types, grow in tropical regions alone.

Same way humans, you grow better in and efficiently in the environment that best suits you.

As Albert Einstein will say, ” if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it whole life thinking it’s stupid”

You grow better, exponentially, when you’re in the right environment.

Now, coming back to the main theme of this chapter: the need to go down before growing up.

No one just wakes up one day and becomes an expert in a field, medical personnel, a lawyer, a president, or an executive. These sets of individuals before becoming who they are underwent a process, during those processes, they were investing downward in themselves, in books, journals, and other materials, including life’s horrible experiences before getting to that level of height. Now that’s the going down I’m talking about.

What going down truly means

Here’s the story of the richest pastor in Nigeria, Bishop David Oyedepo who is worth 150 million dollars. While his mates were busy spending money on the latest designers’ shoes and clothes, Bishop David Oyedepo as a boy, invested his savings in buying books, he had just a pair of shoes then but would use all the money he had to get books and feed himself daily.

I’m sure we all can read the handwriting on the wall now, not only is he successful in ministry, but also the richest clergyman in Nigeria and among the top richest in Africa as a whole.

Bishop invested his youthful days in himself, he decided to be different, and stood out from the crowd and today he’s one of the most respected personalities in Africa. It pays to be deep-rooted as you grow taller. Now, that’s what going down means.

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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